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Visions of lost souls streaming

Enjoy Visions of lost souls streaming, if you like it buy it here


Written on saturday, 25 march 2017

20th anniversary double cd

We could not leave that this event would pass without the due celebrations and so agree with Vitaly, the patron of GsP., we decided to release a double CD. CD 1 gothic metal oriented will be entitled "Visions of lost souls", the compositions of this work date back to 2012, but for various reasons the album has never seen the light. CD 2 entitled "Kelthanir", contains more recent songs atmospheric black metal oriented. We want, through this work, to unite the two Valkiria souls with perhaps the best songs ever made.

Written on tuesday, 16 june 2016

Twenty years ago

This is our 20th years of activity, we started exactly in september 1996 and after 6 full length albums and a million obstacles overcome, we are still here to share our music with you.


Written on saturday, 16 january 2016

Upon this earth

Upon this earth is finally available for free downnload in the music session of this site, this is the last re recording, a job that took two years of time, since I put my hands again on Epika exactly two years ago. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Gs prod. thanks for believing in and supporting Valkiria so sincerely.


Written on sunday, 27 september 2015

Side projects

Valkus is now re-recording "Upon this earth" which will be out in summer, and also working on a new project called Inadran, for more info click here. If this is not enough a new 41Chains album will be out soon .


Written on sunday, 12 april 2015

OF DREAMS AND PAIN re-recorded

Trailer of the album, which will be released through GS music on december 24th.


Written on sunday, 10 August 2014

Blood on blood re-releasing

Valkus: I'm going on with the re-recording of the entire Valkiria discography.

I have almost finished the new “Blood on blood” album, also in this case the songs has been re arranged and re-recorded , some songs have been put aside and new songs have been included, so the album sounds pretty new. The album will be released via GS Music prod. may 2014 and available for free download.

Written on friday, 10 january 2014

Epika re-releasing

It’s available for free download in the music section of the website, “Epika”. The album has been recorded again and implemented with three new songs that replace the previous Imharad, Ilkendarth and Madaka tracks.

The album will be released via Gs prod., It will be a limited numbered pressing released. and will be still available for free download, but we added a couple bonus songs for those who purchase the CD. 

Valkus: the remake depends on the fact that I've been working hard on the new album for such a long time and I needed to have a break in order to return on it with “fresh ears” afterwards. It seems evident that I wouldn't just sit back doing nothing, so I thought that was the right moment to go back to the past and to the atmospheres of the old days as well. That was very inspiring, so instead of just recording again the old riffs, I have also composed 4 new songs. I’ve decided to insert three of them in Epika, the fourth one will be in the new cd. I have to say that now the album sounds completely new, even if this wasn’t my intention, but the concept behind is still there. There are a lot of differences, as every songs has been re-arranged with a new orchestral sound and a more aggressive and tribal drumming. I can say now that it's even closer to the sound I had in mind when I started composing it years ago. I’m actually very satisfied, so what I can say more, enjoy the free download and if you like it, click here to buy the cd! 

Written on sunday, 15 september 2013

New videoclip trailer "Dawn"


Written on friday, 25 jannuary 2013

'Here The Day Comes' @ Terra Relicta Webmagazine - awards Album Of The Year 2012

"Valkiria - Here The Day Comes is nominated in Terra Relicta Webmagazine for Album Of The Year 2012. Black metal, gothic and doom metal marvelous mixture. Such an outstanding musicianship cannot be missed and beside The Foreshadowing they should take the leading role in Italian dark music spectrum. It would really be a disgrace to miss this dark gem". The final round voting starts on Wednesday, 6th February 2013 at midnight (CET) and ends on Friday, 1st March 2013

Written on, 23 jannuary 2013

Valkiria sign a deal with Bakerteam records

Valkiria have signed a deal with Bakerteam records for the release of their 5th album 'Here The Day Comes', which can be simply described as a great mix of Gothic/Doom Metal and stunning melodies. A dark journey between life and death, ‘Here The Day Comes’ features Giuseppe Orlando (Novembre) on drums, adding a deeper edge to the dreamy and melancholic feeling that pervades each one of these seven gems. The album was recorded at Outer Sound Studios in Rome, Italy, by Giuseppe Orlando himself and has been mastered by Jens Bogren (Paradise Lost, Opeth, Katatonia) at Fascination Street Studios, Sweden. The album will be released on april 16th 2012.

Written on thursday, 19 Gennuary 2012


Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studio (Opeth, Katatonia, Paradise Lost etc...) has done a great mastering. Next step searching for a label.

Written on monday, 11 July 2011


Sunrise video

Our first video clip, we chose the second track of the album Sunrise. Filmed in two different locations: a spectacular waterfall and an old abandoned fort of World War I at the foot of the Alps.

 Written on monday, 4 July 2011


We have finally ended the recording session of instruments and vocals. Guitar will be re-amped at Mike's studio (Destroyed studio) while the bass at Haunted studio. In a few days Giuseppe Orlando will start mixing.

Written on friday, 29 April 2011

Drum session

We are at Outersound studio in Rome working at the drum session, Giuseppe is doing a wonderful work, He is certainly not disappointing our expectations. He is working on the pre-recorded drum patterns, making changes here and there where needed. I must admit that we had a wonderful feeling since he started playing the first track, he really has a unique style.

Written on tuesday, 08 march 2011

Real drummer

For the first time in our history on the new album we will use a real drummer. This is, the talented drummer of Novembre Giuseppe Orlando. We are confident his contribution will bring a significant progress to our sound.

Written on wednesy, 26 January 2011