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INTERVIEW december 2015

How is it that you started playing music?
Valkus: a voice told me to start playing the guitar and fortunately a few months after I bought one and started taking lessons from a local musician.
What are your names? / Who plays what? / How old are you?
Valkus: me all instruments and I am 38.
Have you had other previous members?
They are too many to mention, and cannot be defined members but rather gregarious or at most sessions.
Did you make music even when you were young?
Valkus: I started composing music practically since I put my fingers on a guitar
Where are you from?
Valkus: Potenza in south Italy, but I live for 10 years in Vicenza.
What year did the band form?
Valkus: 1996
What's your style of genre?
Valkus: black metal early and now Atmospheric Metal.
Have any of you played in other bands?
Valkus: Valkiria is now a one man band and I'm also involved in two other side projects Inadran and 41Chains
What inspires you?
Valkus: the energy of the moment
How often and where do you rehearse?
Valkus: one of the advantages of being a one man band is I don't need Rehearsing.
How have you developed since you started with the music?
Valkus: in some ways nothing has changed, it's still me expressing my emotions through my music, inexorably growing as a person also my music has become different.
Do you have other interests of work outside the band?
Valkus: I have really many small passions, for example, I recently started building miniature castles a hobby very creative and very relaxing.
Are you looking for a booking agency, and what are your thoughts around that?
Valkus: I sincerely don't care about it, all I want is playing my guitar and create my own music/atmosphere a sort of personal and alternative reality, my music is essentially a portal that leads myself to the world of my origin. I have no intention of wasting my time, my energy and my patience with people who think that music is a business.
Are you looking for a label, and what are your thoughts around that?
Valkus: I have a valid label the Russian Gs prod. and I do not intend to search for others, the owner is a very serious person who thinks like me, he respects my art and places it on the first floor and this is the most important thing.
What made you decide to make this music?
Valkus: there is nothing to decide I just have to let myself go and all comes very naturally, up to my inner self and to decide everything.
Do you start with the music or the lyrics?
Valkus: I always start from the music
Do you compose in a certain inviroment?
Valkus: I essentially compose in my studio, I have nothing special except a room a pc and my guitars.
What language do you sing in?
Valkus: I use English and sometimes the language of DEKALUR my personal language created for a book I never released that inspired my early Valkiria's albums.
When did you start to sell merchandise, and what do you have for sale?
Valkus: I began to sell merchandise to meet the demands of the fans, originally my cds were purely virtual and for free download I didn't press any physical copies. For some years now fans in addition to the free download have the opportunity to buy the physical copy and also a T-shirt with the logo.
Where can people buy your merchandise?
What do you think about people downloading music instead of buying records now a days?
Valkus: I have no problem with that because I almost never bought original CDs, because as a youngster I unfortunately was always penniless, and now not ever having acquired the habit of buying cds, all I do is clicking with my mouse and magically all the music I want appears in my pc, even if I listen to a small part of my musical data base, however, these are beautiful times, there are no more limits as in the past, I think music can not be only for those who have the money to buy it, so god bless the internet and the free download. I do not believe that the free downloads kills music, at most one can say that it kills the bands that want to make money with music
How do you think the music industry have changed because of this?
Valkus: I have always been passionate about the underground music and frankly I have no idea what happens and how it is evolving the music business, but I think, the world would be much better in all respects if the big music corporation put an end to their dirty business. The death of the great music industry can be a strong push for the realization of our spiritual evolution, I'm not exaggerating, we should not underestimate the music and its power, if in all these years the music industry has released a lot of mediocre and corrupt artists there is a reason, they fear the true people and the true music.
What do you think of my work?
Valkus: I really appreciate all those who are committed to spreading and making known the underground artists.
How do you think and know that this interview will help you in the music business?
Valkus: I know it will help spread my message which goes beyond the music, which regards above all my personal experience and can never be fully understood by others, but rather the message can and must be fully shared, which is why I answered your questions.
Do you have any role models or idols?
Valkus: idols are useful in helping young people to understand what they want or do not want to become when they grow up, but now I'm too old to get ensnared by someone else.
Why do you think that they exist?
Valkus: because people continue to ignore themselves and as long this situation persists they can never really evolve and they will always need to have points of reference outside, because they absolutely don't want to look within themselves, because their ego causes them only distress, anxiety and fear.
Is it easier to find inspiration from older bands, or bands that are more active today?
Valkus: I try to draw inspiration from both, contrary to what many nostalgic argue I think the music is really evolving for the better today, there are no more those conditions that permitted the birth of big bands as in the past that are the masters, yes there are still big bands as Metallica, Iron maiden … but when they will perish or disband, forget concerts with thousands of fans and this is good, the concentration of power in the hands of a few is negative, fortunately, this situation is coming to an end. Nowadays everybody brings a brick and little by little the new generation is building a new way of thinking about music.
What have been your biggest obstacles?
Valkus: instinctively I could answer all those people who behaved badly that did not cooperate or who has even worked against, but with a calm mind I think the best answer to this question is that the biggest obstacle to the realization of our dreams can be found within ourselves.
What advice would you give other bands or artists?
Valkus: each band is a story in itself with their own problems and obstacles, my advice is never give up.
Do you have any new material?
Valkus: about Valkiria I just finished re-record all the early albums, about my two other projects I just released Inadran's debut album entitled “Dehanrast” and shortly a new 41chains album will be released.
What are your web sites?
What are your plans for the future?
Valkus: evolve evolve and evolve
Do you have something to add?
Valkus: Thank you



For very long time Metalpatria has been listening to people who speak about same thing. Wish to create art called Music,, yet again they have not had luck to find correct musicians to play with. Still dream and passion stay in their heart and mind.. what is there to do? To try destroy ones dream or what can be done? Many get a thought to their mind,,, - can i do it alone? what do i need to know what gears i need to have to do music alone? What if i fail? 
Metalpatria decided to write an article about on very talented and devoted musician who has been basically " one mans band"  for very long time. Valkus Valkiria. Metalpatria had a great honor to talk little bit with him about this subject, Maybe there is a person somewhere who wish to create music alone but is not really sure if go ahead with it or not. 
Well, Metalpatria supports each and every person who wish to create musical form of art.. take time and do deep enough research about subject and talk to musicians. I am sure somebody is willing to guide you to make your dream come true. Metalpatria wishes you all the best for your career \m/ Horns up \m/

Metalpatria : How did you get the name " VALKUS"? It is quite far away from your birth  name, so what is the story about that?

Valkus :Originally my name was simply Valkiria, then to avoid confusion between the name of the band and my stage name I chose to add Valkus, which is a sort of  "latinization". Therefore, my full name is now Valkus Valkiria.

Metalpatria: In the video " making of here the day comes", you mentioned that it was never your idea to become one mans band. so what happened? you are amazing guitarist everybody can hear that, so would think there is a long line of musicians behind your door. so what is the problem? What are you looking for from musicians? 

Valkus : I prefer seriousness and absolute devotion to the cause! Unfortunately, many people people do not have these qualities. So for a long time I went on alone and I ended up getting used to the idea.
But above all it seems there are very few people on this face of the earth, who really share my tastes and with whom I
have musical affinities, It must be said also that computers have facilitated me a lot and I do not pay more attention to the fact of not having real drummer or rehearsal room.

Metalpatria: Mancan was in band and valkiria made 3 albums. why he left`? Has there been other musicians with you? other than Mike from Stigmhate?

Valkus : At the time I wanted to experience something new and Mancan appeared,  singing a few songs on which his vocal style could fit well. Then our paths separated because i moved to northern Italy. About guitars there has never been others but me and Mike.

Metalpatria : About here the day comes.. what gave you this idea to create album with this tittle? it is pretty unique.

Valkus: I wanted to talk about my way of looking at life, but I metaphorically replaced  the word "life" with "day" and conceived the single moments of the day as the  stages of our life on earth. I do not know what people have been able to 
perceive, I just want to let loose interpretation. I only hope the album makes  people think not just to music, but also of themselves and the world in which  we live, how their lives are short and should be lived in the best way, living in a  less self-serving way.

Metalpatria : I could find 5 albums....... is there more?

Valkus: yes 5 albums preceded by two demo tapes. 

Metalpatria : album Thur Kuarankharn Sthorn it is more heavier than other albums. were you not happy with this style or howcome started to create more melodic style?

Valkus : T.k.s. was recorded more than eight years after the recording of the first demotape in 1997, actually at the time I was much more influenced by black  metal and faster rythms, something which then has gradually waned, leaving space for a slower drumming and gothic melodies. 
Originally I thought T.k.s. could be a full album, but then I downgraded to a  simple demo, because although it was a crucial link in my evolution has not  had the same impact as the subsequent works.  Only from Epika on, things have started to turn in the right direction. I finally  realized and made more aware of my abilities and I promised myself, that I  would never again been inactive.

Metalpatria: What i personally like a lot with your albums is that there is put lot of weight on guitars, is this a mirror reflect of you? how you feel inside?

Valkus : I think that being a guitarist, I just emphasize my instrument, probably if the  mixing was carried out by a drummer would be the opposite, with the drum  predominant on all instruments... it also reflects the need to highlight the major work that lies in the continuous interweaving of many guitars, I'm glad you've enjoyed it.

Metalpatria:I find valkiria really great and interesting, because i am into very brutal music  and i dont like epic or atmospheric metal because it always make me so sad, give me feeling of sorrow. but Valkiria is different...your music doesnt bring  sadness or sorrow feeling at all. Instead it bring very relaxed feeling- a good  and calm feeling.. What is your secret? How do you manage to make pic and atmospheric metal without it sounding so sad? 

Valkus : hehe... I cannot reveal all the tricks of the trade, but certainly due to the fact I  compose music for myself and my well-being, my intent is to create music that  improves my mood, and apparently also works on many other people, or at 
least on those that are tuned to frequencies similar to mine. I could then say  about those who play atmospheric metal that ends up only to depress listeners,  they are simply musicians tapped at different frequencies. In any case, I agree  with your vision, even I have trouble listening to groups too slow and  repetitive.

Metalpatria :Not so long ago Valkiria announced the attachment to new bass player Norsum  but we have not hear anything about that afterwards. Is he still with the band or what happened?

Valkus : We had many problems in the composition of our sixth album. This was due  to the inclusion in the line up of two new members including Norsum on bass.  However they have auto ousted for reasons that I have not yet very clear. It 
unfortunately happened to have given unnecessarily confidence again, to  people who did not deserve or that were not ready, because they are not fully mature.

Metalpatria :SoValkiria is a studio band.. WHY? i mean come on...your band and music  has very much potential so why not do live shows at all? 

Valkus: you can find the reasons in the previous answer, I need decent people around  me as musicians or organizers of the tour, and these days it seems a utopia! Too much stress for my tastes, things indeed go well and I am satisfied in spite 
of everything. I am a very determined and stubborn person, so if I really  wanted to find a solution, I would have already done, but playing live is not a  priority, therefore to unless the road is not beginning to become downhill,  Valkiria are condemned to never being able to perform live shows.

Metalpatria :not so very long time ago it came to my ears that valkiria is making new  video. How is that going?

Valkus :As well as the new album all these projects have been frozen.

Metalpatria: Now you are re-recording "of dreams and pain"... this is rare desicion,, what  made you to do this way? To re-record existing album?

Valkus : It was due to the new label, which offered us to reissue all the old albums with  the addition of a couple of bonus tracks. In a way to repay the opportunity that  we were given, we decided to re-record the entire cd and add a lot more than  two bonus tracks. Of dreams and pain re-recorded will be released in early  December.

Metalpatria I know there are lot of young people who wish to create music and also people who has difficult to find correct musicians to play with.... what do you think..
is it difficult to make music by your self?

Valkus : I was able to carry on almost alone my project for twenty years so, I am the  proof that it is possible. I can say to those who want to start a music project, do  not be afraid to be alone, keep always the doors open, then if someone is 
trustworthy in your way, give him/her the welcome on board.

Interview for Russian magazine ROCKORACLE! February 2014

Why did you decide to start Valkiria? What reasons there were? Which other musicians influenced you?
Valkus: I decided to start Valkiria, cause I had a lot of riffs I thought were good riffs, and I wanted to create my own project. At that time I was playing in another band, but I wasn't satisfied. At the beginnings of my career and still today, I listen and admire a lot of bands, but I never found out the perfect band, so I tried to create it, Valkiria is the band who plays the music I have ever wanted to listen.

How old were you, when you started to write music yourself? What difficulties did you have in this way at the beginning?
Valkus: I was 18, and there were plenty of difficulties at that time... as lack of money, also as lack of companions with who would thoroughly share my vision, bBut I was very enthusiastic about my project, so I kept on going on. Even if I had to stop it for a little while at the end of ninties. Sometimes I think it's easy for those bands who have a lot of money, which live in the right places and are in contact with the right people. I regret I never had all those opportunities, but as I
realize what I managed to create any regret disappears.

Did you surprise, when you got offer to release your album from Russian label? Please tell us about this edition.
Valkus: I always thought my old records were ok but unfortunately they hadn't been recorded the way I wanted. I've been thinking for some time to completely re record them, but I had neither the time nor the inspiration, so this intent has been frozen for a while. Then I found in my mail box the proposal of GS Records. At first I was reluctant cause I was focused on the new album. But when I realized the owner of the label was very perseverant yet very kind, it was like a lightbulb switched on in my head! So I stopped working on the new album to devote myself exclusively to the old works. That will keep me busy for at least the next six months, at the moment I'm re recording my second album "blood on blood."

Is it important for you – distribute your music all over the world? Do you want to a lot of people could hear your music?
Valkus: I think it is normal every artist wants to spread his art as much as possible, but in my case it does not make sense. This is a niche genre, and therefore, it would be foolish to think that the mass of people could appreciate this kind of sound. As you can well imagine the thing does not bother me at all, I'm one of the lucky few who has the privilege to love and create this kind of music, and that's enough to me.

What do your music different from other bands in you opinion? What is the main for all Valkiria’s songs?
I'd summarize this answer with a single word "atmosphere". I have not heard any band that gives me the same kind of feeling, I still listen to many metal groups that I respect and admire, but in the end Valkiria is and remains my favourite band, no doubt eheh.

What mood do you try to reach in your music? What influence you? What do you want to show your listeners trough your songs?
It changes and evolves day by day for me too. My music is not a picture of a sensation, something destined to stand always in the same way,but it allows to feel and discover each time new feelings, I consider it something that is constantly moving. I have still the original influence from the atmospheric metal of ninties, that's just a point of begining i was able to expand with my own creativity. I hope my listeners to be able to go over the music... there are so many worlds and other
dimensions, I hope someone could visit them through my songs, but it's up to the listeners to choose where to go, they only have only to long for it.

What are your lyrics about? What language do you prefer to write the lyrics?
The languages that I have used most is English, but I have also used the language of dekalur, for "Epika" and "Thur kuarankharn sthorn". which are inspired by a book I am still writing, and now I don't know if I will ever be able to complete. It would be too long to explain the whole thing right now... also because my books are incomplete. But I could summarize by saying that they tell about of an imaginary world where people speak this kind of language, a world that could be the earth in another dimension/time.

I think there are some post-rock elements in your music. Do you like the post-rock?
I'm not into post-rock so much, but I like to pick elements from other genres, even if most of the times it happens unintentionally.

You do re-release «Epika» album by GS Production. What are the differences between the first and the second versions of «Epika»?
I could say that the new version appears as a new album because many songs has been substitute with new ones, while the old have undergone substantial re arrangements. As the title could suggests I tried to create an epic sound, obviously I tried to represent my own vision of epicness. The underlying message could be summed up in the following way: we have to perceive that we are fighting every day, any of us is a sort of warrior. We should always keep in mind that, anytime we declare ourselves defeated in facing a problem/enemy who seems too strong to be won, it is because we just forgot there is no one who can beat us if we are conscious of our power.

«Epika» is the first Valkiria’s full length. Is the «Epika» very special album for you?
Every album has something special, and certainly «Epika» has a advantage in terms of time over the others albums, it was the first record that has allowed us to have good visibility, although Valkiria already existed for nine years, when I finally managed to produce it.

How often do you play concerts? What countries do you usually play in?
we never played live, and We won't in the next future, we want just to be focused on creating new music for the moment.
What can you tell us about Italian underground-scene? What Italian bands can you recommend?
There are a few bands that I really consider remarkable, as The Foreshadowing and Klimt 1918 this last is a not Metal band, but with a dark melancolhic mood.

Do you have some plans for the future with Valkiria?
I must have it. Every day is a good day to compose some new songs, I think there's no need other to plan.
Thank You!



1) Hello, Valkus ! How are you? Are you satisfied with your new album and what is band’s opinion about?
Valkus: we did our best and we are very satisfied with the final result. This was without any doubt our best album so far under any aspects, including the production and songwriting. The response has been bigger than we could have ever imagined, we play a kind of metal not so “popular”, but it seems that people liked it pretty much. We play to gratify ourselves, but it’s obviously a great pleasure, when the music you created is loved by so many people. This fills us with creative energy, as a consequence the upcoming album, that is almost complete, is born in the wake of the success of H.T.D.C., and it is a natural continuation, even if the style has undergone significant changes, both in terms of vocals and arrangements.

2) New album is first one that is not self – released by Valkiria and are you ready to work with this label so far?
Valkus: no we do not have relationships with bakerteam anymore, unfortunately this label, like many others has proved to be not able to manage a promotion worthy of the name, and most of all, they do not have a transparent management. Now we are in contact with another label GS Production, which will re-print our first four cds. We actually decided to record all our old discography back from the beginning, and this will keep us busy until next summer. So far Epika is done, next one is "blood on blood"... things got very pleasant - I can say - but a bit more challenging!

3) Musical concept of the band is very interesting - dark journey between life and death. Could you comment on it?
Valkus: I think and hope that any listener will be able to"paint" this concept with their own feelings, so I don't want to talk too much about this, cause it's just my point of view and I don't want there is just one, I just can say I thought to turn the time of life into the smallest possible measurement unit hence the idea that one day may summarize our existence just comes from there. In our lives things happen so fast and turning points get to us so suddenly as to leave us disoriented, sunrise is our youth, such a short time span of day/life and so on. Life and death are interconnected, people should have in mind the transience of this life. As I said the real purpose was to let the listeners have the chance to create their own journey. I have only provided a starting point, but it is the listener that decides where to get with own imagination, which is the engine and at the same time the only limitation.

4) Why are you so interested in dreams? Do not you think that dream is a some borderline in human life?
Valkus: I think dreaming is the door to another world, dreaming is what we do most of our life, cause we do it not only sleeping but all day long, with our immagination, in effects we live the real life just a little time each day. Many people live in their own imaginary dimension even 24h a day. There was a time in my life that I would have avoided dreaming, cause I often move further than the dream itself. Sometimes I might have crossed the border to the realm of hallucinatory experiences. This might sound weird, I know... but I am now old enough to know how to handle these visions and voices, even if I am still searching for the real meaning though. I think playing for me is like going into an altered state of mind which in some ways can be like a dream, this explains my obsession with dreams, dreaming is like immagination a form of escaping from this existence, we cannot live without.

5) Your music goes through many changes from album to album, does it means the fact that you are still searching for the right musical vision ?
Valkus: I think it's simply because of the natural evolution, there is nothing premeditated, when I start to compose a new album, I never know where it will end up, I don't think there is a right musical vision, as it always evolves and changes as time passes by.

6) What musical style have you not played and is a natural selection possible when you are creating a new masterpiece?
Valkus: As I said, I don't think about anything in advance, and if I didn't use death metal yet, maybe it's only just a question of time, who knows if in the future I will need this kind of style to get the best from what Valkiria will be at that moment.

7) What is the concept of your first video? Could it be a continued sequel?
Valkus: The video synthesize part of the concept, “Sunrise” is men’s youth , which is shown by the girl, who wonders up to discover the truth and is shocked, she will find peace only coming back into the water, that represents knowledge and wisdom and also the end, when they are fully achieved: thus in the waters comes a definitive death with no need to be born again. A sequel... uhm, too difficult to say, I have not a complete vision for that yet, so this challenge is freezed at the moment with the new album.

8) Why doesn’t the band play live and is it possible to see your public appearance on the stage?
Valkus: Playing live has become increasingly difficult, and we are no longer so young, we all have families and jobs, but most of all We do not want to end up in the hands of some dishonest or incompetent bands manager, we can't waste any money nor any time for this, but we want just to be focused on creating new music.

9) Someday you said the band's name is taken from a certain computer game, magic chess. Don’t you tell our readers what is this game?
Valkus: It's a commodore 64 game originally called "Archon", a sort of chess game with warriors fighting on a chessboard, Valkiria's were some of strongest warriors of the game. I didn't know at that time what they were, as well as I ignored all the Norse mythology, I just liked that name and some years later when I had to chose the name of the project that name came out into my mind. When I was younger, I have always been fascinated by this kind of thing, at that time I even was unable to just play with poker cards, I saw them as warriors fighting to protect kings and queens.

10) Well, your wishes to readers,
Valkus: support us and remember that you can download for free our music from our website:


Summon: How did the band get started? 
Valkus: I started 17 years ago as a one man band, I just was tired to be in some band with musicians who had ideas that were totally distant from mine. At the beginning Valkiria was my solo project, but over the years I needed other musicians. Nowadays Valkiria is a trio.

 Summon: Introduce the band members and what they do in the band.
Valkus: myself at the guitar and vocals; Mike: guitar and Norsum bass. Since 2011 we use a session  at the drums.

 Summon: What kind of music do you play? 
Valkus: we started playing melodic Black metal in 90’s, but throughout the years I slowed down the rhythm of the songs and moved towards what I can nowadays define Dark and Atmospheric Metal.

 Summon: How many albums/CD’s have you released?
Valkus: We realized two demos and 5 albums so far, our last album is called “Here the day comes” and came out on April 2012.

 Summon: Tell me about some the songs on “Here the day comes”?
Valkus: it's a seven songs album. Any song represents the different phases of a day,  from dawn to night, which is a metaphor of the human life, from the beginning to the end.

 Summon: How has the fan response been? 
Valkus: we did our best and we are very satisfied with the final result. This was without any doubt our best album so far under any aspects, about production Giuseppe Orlando (mixing) and Jens Bogren (mastering) did an amazing work. Also as for the composition, I think we have achieved the right compromise between the groove of 90’s and the power/clearness sound of nowadays. The fan response has been very positive, it has gone beyond all expectations, just think that our fans on FB went from about 500 to over 40.000!

 Summon: Where did the band name come from?
Valkus: I chose that name at a very young age, at that time I even didn't play guitars yet. I took it from a commodore 64 game called "Archon", a sort of chess game with warriors fighting on a chessboard, Valkiria's were some of strongest warriors of the game. I didn't know at that time what they were, as well as I ignored all the Norse mythology, I just liked that name and some years later when I had to chose the name of the project that name came out into my mind.

 Summon: Who writes the music? Lyrics?
Valkus: I am the main composer of the band, it's not my choice simply I am more prolific than any other in the band making good riffs.

 Summon: And where do the lyric ideas come from?
Valkus: Every album I wrote was influenced by different elements, the topics of my lyrics are distant from the everyday life, my intention is to bring the listeners far from the sad reality, I like to use a lot of metaphors. I like to write lyrics in a cryptic way, opened to different interpretations. 

 Summon: What is your view in Satanism and Occultism?
Valkus: I am not interested in any religion, the same applies to Satanism which I consider a religion to all effects. Occultism is in many ways even worse than religion, shady characters, devoid of any scruples and mostly ignorant populate this world. They often have as their sole purpose to brainwash those mentally weak individuals, in order steal as much money as possible. There are of course, many serious occultists, who only want to expand their knowledge and get in touch with other dimensions but unfortunately, most of the people who approach these issues are mostly unprepared and end up getting into trouble. It would be a long speech to do, I always summarize by saying that certain doors must remain locked, cause we are not yet able to handle certain situations. The paranormal has always exercised a strong fascination, however, the danger of esoteric-spiritualist practices can take us beyond the limits that we can cross only in the future when we will be more evolved.

 Summon: Do you have any side projects?
Valkus: I was involved in the past in another project called 41Chains, I recorded three demo tapes  never promoted, so only few persons have listened to them. I quit it cause a lot of that ideas flowed in Valkiria. 
Mike: I play also guitar in Stigmhate.

 Summon: Who are some of your musical influences?
Valkus: I’d say principally the 90’s gothic/doom scene and for sure a lot of other elements that I even can’t recognize in my mind, they just come out as I start to compose some riffs.

 Summon: Which current bands? 
Valkus: Early Katatonia, My Dying Bride just to name a few.

 Summon: What is the band like when you play live? 
Valkus: We decided to be a project band so we never played live.

 Summon: What do you think of the US Black Metal/Death Metal scene?
Mike: I was born with U.S death metal, musically speaking.
I know plenty of death metal bands from there, so the list is huge really. I also think that many new death metal bands are coming out, which is actually a very good thing.

 Summon: What do you think of the Overseas scenes?
Mike: well I think that there are a lot of promoters and venues over there, which make much easier to perform in a big tour or in festivals. Here in Europe it's a bit more difficult with money and other things, bands have to work harder in order to get visibility and opportunities. But somehow i think it's more or less the same here as in the U.S.

 Summon: What are some of new favorite black metal/death metal bands?
Mike: well I really don’t know, there are plenty of new black and death metal bands out there. If I have to choose, I would say I was influenced by the bands from the Nineties. There was a real scene which was so full of new bands with a proper style. Among them, I particularly appreciate Otargos, Negator, inquisition and many others.

 Summon: When do you guys plan on writing any new material?
Valkus: We have ended to write our 6th full length, We are working on the latest arrangements, in the next months we will be able to announce the release date.  

 Summon: What does the future hold for the band?
Valkus: I don’t know that, music is our life, so the only thing we really hope is continuing to make it.



Last year Italian band Valkiria released a great, already their fifth album entitled Here The Day Comes, released by Italian growing label Bakerteam Records. The best work this band ever did was also nominated in Terra Relicta Dark Music Awards 2012, where it made it into the final round. It's not that we have an everyday chance to listen such an oustanding elaborate piece of art as this album offers with its combination of Gothic Metal, Doom and Black Metal. 
The story of Valkiria began back in 1996 when Valkus founded the band. Since then many line-up changes occured, but it seems that Valkus finally found the right person in Mike who shares his musical view. In the recording process of their last album the band worked with well noted drummer Giuseppe Orlando, better known from Novembre, The Foreshadowing and Airlines Of Terror. So, we did an iterview with Valkus to get more insight into the bands story, music and of course into the background of their last album Here The Day Comes.

 T.R.: Here The Day Comes is out for almost a year now, so how are you satisfied with this one and what about the response from media and fans?
Valkus: The response was bigger than we could have ever imagined, we play a kind of metal not so “popular”, but it seems that people liked it very much, so we are really satisfied under any aspects. We play to gratify ourselves, but it’s obviously a great pleasure, when the music you created is loved by so many people.

T.R.: It has a very interesting lyrical concept, quite metaphorical. Can you tell me more about that?
Valkus: I usually start writing an album by a concept that grows up with the songs day by day, in this case the same very title of the song was inspiring as well, before I'd compose it. I’m still analyzing the real meaning of this concept, and I'd like anyone to say his own word about it. Basically I just can say I tried to synthesize the life of a man in a long day, with different phases of the day/life.

T.R.: Here The Day Comes is the first album that is not self-released for Valkiria. How did you get in touch withBakerteam Records and how are you satisfied with this label so far?
Valkus: I never trusted any labels, that’s the reason why I did everything by myself with all my previous albums. Bakerteam represent to us a sort of step forward, we wanted to break up with the past and that was a big change. They did what I imagined so our expectations haven't been deluded so far, but I’ve to say also that we didn’t expect that much.

T.R.: The music of yours goes through many changes from album to album, is this the consequence of the fact that you are still searching for the right musical approach of yours?
Valkus: I can’t say I am one of those musicians who fear to write the same album over and over again, if any album is different is because I am growing as person and as musician, in a word I am each new day different from what I was the day before, that’s is also with my music, because music is a part of me and I think that every musician or artist in general is always looking for the perfect work.

T.R.: So, why have you used black metal kind of vocal approach this time?
Valkus: I wanted a harder sound for this album, a sort of return to the origin, in fact when I started with this project I played a style of music very close to black metal. I think that this vocal style fits perfectly with the emotions I wanted to communicate, a continuos contrast between melody of the guitars and the acid rage of the vocals, but as I said I like changing the style of albums and I can anticipate, even if nothing it's decided for sure, that in the next one we will have the clean singing again.

T.R.: Also the fact that you took over all vocal duties seems interesting...
Valkus: I started singing the songs, and I liked it, so I thought there were no reasons to look for someone else for this role. I did not growl for a long time and it was difficult restart singing that way and I suffered a bit, but it was worth doing it.

T.R.: Have Valkiria ever played live?
Valkus: No we didn’t. We tried to tour in order to promote Here The Day Comes, but we had a lot of problems with the line up, so we have decided to renounce. I am honestly not interested in playing live, if this means receiving a lot of stress. So I can say we are still wait for the right conditions to do it and in the meantime we enjoy the fact to be only a project band. We can experience all that comes to mind, or invite any guest musician without worrying about not being able to bring live all the stuff we compose.

T.R.: How it was working with Giuseppe Orlando and how did you got in touch with him?
Valkus: During all the last years we've been working with the drum machine, that was not our choice, but we had to. I actually didn't mind about that, that's how we always did. But with Here The Day Comes we wanted to break this tradition and the first and only name which came into our mind was Giuseppe who is an old friend of Mike, so it was easy to contact him. I have always admired his style of playing drums, he did exactly what we wanted, so it was a good deal for Valkiria without any doubts.

T.R.: You worked with a lot of different musicians so far. With who it was most interesting?
Valkus: That's a good question, but i think the word "interesting" is not the proper one. I would dare saying that we should think about who gave less problems! Music is one of the most important things in my life, but despite all the efforts I keep doing it is always so hard to deal with other musicians, and often a bit sad as well. I have to use all control by myself to stand the others' lack of willingness. Anyway, at present Valkiria is a duo that works very well, so if I have to mention one name among Valkiria past and present members, who deserve all my respect, that's Mike.

T.R.: Beside Valkiria, are you involved in any other band or musical project?
Valkus: I was involved in the past in another project called 41Chains, I recorded three demotapes, but I never promoted them and only few persons have listened to them. I quit it cause a lot of that ideas flowed in Valkiria. Sometimes I think to give new life to that project or to create a new one and probably the time has come, since I have composed too many good songs, with very different styles, and the new album can't contain them all.

T.R.: What can you tell me about the video clips for the song "Sunrise" and upcoming for the song "Dawn"? How did you enjoyed this process?
Valkus: We always wanted to make a video, it was our desire since the beginning of our career. So when we had the opportunity last year we did it straight away. The idea was to represent the concept of the album, and that's not simple just with one song, so we made up another clip as an ideal continuation of the first video "Sunrise". It was very exciting to write the storyboard, approaching this new way of expression which includes not only music but also images. We wanted to do something different from the classical Metal video, a sort of short movie that tells a story which can be read in many different ways. Basically that was an experience that we're going to repeat in the future, also because we're sure we can do it even better.

T.R.: Have you already started to compose new songs and when can we expect new things from Valkiria?
Valkus: We are fully immerged in the composition of the new stuff, but we have no idea where we are going as we're composing without any boundaries whatsoever... so I just can say that the next one is not going to be a classical metal album, as we are blending altogether our style with other genres and inspirations.

T.R.: Can you share some words about bands name Valkiria?
Valkus: I chose that name at a very young age, at that time I even didn't play guitars yet. I took it from a commodore 64me called "Archon", a sort of chess game with warriors fighting on a chessboard. I didn't know at that time what valkirias were, as well as I ignored all the norse mythology, I just liked that name and that's it. I just thought: oh that would be a great name for a band whenever I decided to do one... and that happened for real!

T.R.: Which artists or bands have given you the biggest inspiration on your musical path?
Valkus: I've been listening tons of Metal albums since i was a teen, and many of that had an influence on my style, in primis: MetallicaIron MaidenAC/DCAccept and guitars heroes like Malmsteen and Satriani. After that I moved forward to something harder, death and black Metal were the answer with bands like Deicide,Morbid AngelEmperor, etc... for what concerns the end of nineties, I could say KatatoniaAnathemaMy Dying Bride. Obviously this is not an exhaustive list.

T.R.: I think that music of yours is very hard to describe, still, can you give us your own opinion and description about it?
Valkus: That's not an easy question, even for us! When we had to choose a short description about the last album we decided to call it "gothic doom". That's obviously not an exhaustive form, as we got vocals very close to black metal, atmospheric clean guitars, keyboards but also slow riffs with a lot of harmonized guitars. Well, I guess it should be simply calledValkiria's style.

T.R.: Any words about the recent situation in the world,... economical, political and social crisis?
Valkus: I think of the positive side of this crisis as an opportunity to finally change something in this world, hopefully in a better way. We always should consider any kind of crisis in that way. Speaking about Valkiria I can say that we had a lot of crisis, but we always came over them, becoming even stronger in the process. That should be the same when it comes the actual situation, I think people have received a big kick in the ass, and maybe they have actually realized that living as we did so far is just not possible. I hope it's just the beginning of something that might lead us straight to a more spiritual and not egoistic living.

T.R.: Thank you for all the answers and are there any last thoughts that you would like to share with us?
Valkus: I hope what I said in the last answer will become reality, and don't forget that music is a powerful way to increase our mind power, listen to it conscientiously and try to manage those vibrations in a positive way.


1. Introduce yourself and the band.
It's not easy to synthetise 17 years of career in a few words, but I'll try. I decided to form Valkiria in 1996. In the early years, I went forward as a one man band. The only exception was Walter, who had worked on the programming of drum machine in our first demo, after this experience he decided not to cooperate anymore and I had to stop for a while. Although this was just one of the problems I faced in the late 90's. A few years later, I finally came over all these problems so I could start again to compose new stuff. From that moment so far (after several line up changes) we made five studio albums.

2. What do you want to say with your music?
Any albums has a different approach cause we grow up and we perceive life in a different way, but for sure there's a unique concept in all our music that unites all of our albums, which is impossible to describe, it's a particular state of mind that I feel and I try to comunicate with my guitar, if I was able to translate it through words probably I'd stop to play.

3. What are your dreams and goals?
I am focused to improve as a person and a musician, there are different ways to reach this goal, and several of these are wrong, so I keep on living analyzing any aspect of my life keeping on doing what I feel right and reflecting on the other things, trying to avoid doing again what I realized being a mistake.

4. Who writes the songs and music?
I am the main composer of the band, it's not my choice simply I am more prolific than any other in the band making good riffs.

5. You are making a new video. The people can see it's trailer on YouTube. Tell us more about it.
Yes we are working on it and the trailer is just a little sample of what you will see. We wanted to shoot a video for all the songs of the album, a particular day which synthetizes the entire life from the beginning until the end, but you know that it is impossible to realize 7 videoclips. So when we had the chance to make at least a second video we immediately catched this opportunity. We wanted the same atmosphere of the first video we shooted for the song "sunrise", but "Dawn" is the begining of the story, the principle of this long journey

6. What can we expect from Valkiria this year?
We are working hard in the truest sense of the word, but the truth is... we have been experiencing a lot of difficulties in the last days... but I won't speak about it as I could offend someone. We had to react to all this negativity and we fortunately did it in the best way, so we are
very relaxed right now. The only thing I can say about the new release that's the more difficult album we have made so far, we are experimenting a lot of new solutions and you have to expect an album very different from the previous ones, we have some great guest musicians (we will revealed their name in the next future) which has joined us bringing a lot of new ideas and opportunity.

7. Is it easy to maintain a doom gothic band in Italy? What difficulties do you go through while creating your music?
If you mean maintain, under an economic sense that's impossible, if you don't have a real job. This for sure is not the only difficult we have to face everydays, the more dangerous is the lack of seriously of the people with whom we deal everyday, all of that numerous kind of persons who claim they wanna help you and then reveal their real (negative) nature. I definetely can't stand them, cause I'm the exact opposite if I say something or I give my words I am coherent.

8. Who are your idols?
I have no idols, I am enough old to have one. Idols are those people who help you to grow up in specific steps of your life especially when you are teen. They can showyour way when you are young. The most important thing that I recommend about idols, is having more than one cause if one of them delude you, there's always another and better one in the list.

9. What do you think about the internet-does it help the music or on the contrary? What do you think about downloading music online?
In my opinion internet was a positive revolution, we offer our albums (except the last) for free download, and our fanbase has grown exclusively with the internet promotion. But there is a double face, Internet helps a lot if you are a small band, but has killed a lot of music business, so It's easy to understand why the big bands regret the old days. But I also think if there is some underground bands that misses the past, well I say they are only steadfast out of time.

10. Are you having any live performances soon?
No we have decided to focus only on the songwriting of the new album, playing live mean face a lot of problems about money and time and most of all, I don't want to manage a full line up of persons who just wait for playing, while Mike and I have to do all the dirty work.

11. What does Valkiria need at this moment? If you wish, we can put an advertise for you.
We are a opened line up right now, and so if some talented musicians would like to contact us, we would be glad to meet them and start a collaboration.

12. What do you want to say to your fans and users in Child of the Night?
keep on supporting us!


Over the years there have been constant changes in Metal music towards several of directions. Many bands wished to be something different than their original imagery and changed their music accordingly. The VALKIRIA project proved that same emphasis, from being a Black Metal converting into Epic / Gothic Metal but without forgetting the roots.“Here The Day Comes”, via Bakerteam Records is the band’s newest album. Metal Chick talked with Valkus, the project’s leader, about the new album, inspirations, some history and future plans.


Hey there, Valkus, how are you? I am thrilled to have this interview with you to the Metal Temple web magazine!

Hello and thanks, it’s a always a pleasure answering some good questions.

The VALKIRIA project is one of a kind. Please tell us about it. 

I created it in 1996, so far we have produced two demos and five full length. Valkiria was my own project in the early years, but now we are a duo. I take care of vocals and guitar and Mike is the second guitarist, Giuseppe Orlando (Novembre) is the Session drummer.

Congratulations on your new album, please tell us about the idea behind "Here the Day Comes".

We wanted to represent the human life trough a long single day. Something that gave the idea of the shortness of our existence in this world. The concept emphasizes how people's lives are very similar after all and this, in virtue of the fact that our bodies and experiences evolve with our age, then our actions and thoughts eventually converge. Every man gradually fades away, a cycle that repeats endlessly as well as the succession of the days, an infinite incomprehensible to us. Reducing life to a single day makes us understand that life is just a connected series of events that, although important for any individual, are nothing more than the prodrome of death.

What inspired you to create "Here the Day comes"?

The obsession with the passage of time, the childish attempts of a man to understand and explain the mystery of life to himself and others. In a few words the will to rationalize something (at this moment in human evolution) far bigger than us.

"Here the Day Comes” made me see beyond the everyday life, beyond every human mind's troubles or even worse than that: a routine. It makes me think about the small things during the day like a sunrise, an afternoon or a night, and it makes me appreciate these time components which most of the people don't appreciate". Would you agree with this statement? 

Life is a routine, even shorter than we could imagine in our perception of time, so it's up to us to understand how to deal with it. The importance we give to every single moments in our everyday life may demonstrate the degree of our wisdom, our way of life, that we must put in the foreground and improve everyday. There is a morning in every day of our life,  a brief moment of the day/life, let's look at it as our youth… so do not waste it, as the night is coming. And if the night has gone and you still have not understood, well… do not despair then, as life is too short to let room for regret.

I understand there were some line-up changes? 

At the end of recording of the “Upon this earth” album Mancan, who was the vocalist at that time left the band, so Valkiria returned to be a one man band for a little while. I began to take care of vocals like in the past years. One year later Mike joined the band bringing back again the line up as a duo.

You gave the spotlight to the instruments and not the vocals. When did it fit with the album's concept? 

I always prefer to use the vocals only where they are really needed, I think we did a great work on the guitars and I wanted to give as much space as I could to them. In my opinion music speaks better than words.

What does VALKIRIA means to you personally? 

Valkiria is the soundtrack of my life, I tend to relate the growth phases of my life with my records. I can say that my records are to me like the day phases of H.T.D.C., like the single different moments of life.

Instrumentally, besides of adding guitar solos, which I think it is most necessary, the dark point of view, the dark décor of this concept is amazing. Would you agree that maybe the story teller were actually the instrumental parts? 

Yes I do, words end up to be a limit, the instrumental parts give us the possibility to go beyond, the real purpose was to let the listeners have the chance to create their own journey. I have only provided a starting point, but it is the listener that decides where to go with his (her) imagination, which is the engine and at the same time the only limitation.

How does it feel to release you very first video clip? 

It was very funny to have a new wave to express our feelings, we didn’t want a classic video with the band playing in a garage, but to synthesize all the album concept in those five minutes, we have been committed quite a long time to find the most suitable places, and even the editing has been hard, eventually I think we did a great job, even if we had a limited budget.

“Here the Day Comes”- Your best and favorite album? 

I think we're improving with time and each album represents a step forward, probably with HTDC we made two steps at a time, and I can definitely think of it as our best album so far.

How would you describe the sound of VALKIRIA? 

The album was labeled as a blend of gothic and doom, but apparently there is much confusion about the true definition of the two genres, also because they are in a constant evolution. Beyond what may be a purely journalistic definition, I've always defined my music just as dark atmospheric metal.

Any plans for the near future? 

We recently completed our line up with session musicians, this fall we will be ready to go on tour, we haven't got any confirmed dates yet, but as soon as we can we will post the news.

Well, thank you so much for your time, Valkus, for an awesome interview! I wish you the best and good luck! And finally, any message to your fans? 

Thank you and keep on supporting us, buying our cd from our web store 

Intervista (August 2012)

“Here Comes The Day” dei Valkiria è stata una delle migliori uscite del 2012; arrivato ormai al quinto album, il progetto creato dal musicista potentino Valkus ha trovato la meritata consacrazione strutturandosi come una band vera e propria e ricevendo finalmente il necessario supporto da un’etichetta tra le più attive nella scena metal italiana come la Bakerteam.Di questi e altri argomenti, inclusa un’anticipazione su una novità nella futura line-up, abbiamo parlato con un disponibile e mai banale Valkus.

 Ciao Valkus, per cominciare ti chiedo quali fattori hanno contribuito all’evoluzione del sound dei Valkiria, dagli esordi fino alla raffinata forma di gothic-doom espressa in un lavoro della levatura di "Here Comes The Day".
Credo che il fattore determinante sia stata la perseveranza e l'impegno profuso in tutti questi anni in cui ho lavorato duramente, senza farmi condizionare dalle mode del momento o pensando di assecondare i gusti della gente; posso affermare che se c’è qualcosa in questo mondo che mi fa sentire libero è il fare musica e se questo dà vita a degli album apprezzati, non posso che esserne lusingato.

 L’album è un concept, dalle tematiche affascinanti quanto malinconiche, che fa riferimento all’ineluttabile scorrere del tempo; cosa ti ha spinto ad affrontare questo argomento ? 
Mi domando come si possa non essere affascinati e tormentati dallo scorrere del tempo. Capisco che l'opinione comune sia quella di non pensarci per poi rendersi conto, solo in età avanzata, di dover scomparire dalla faccia della terra trovandosi di conseguenza del tutto impreparati.
“Here Comes The Day” approccia il tema del tempo, guardando questa dimensione da vari punti di vista. Il tempo è poco: impieghiamolo al meglio. La vita è una catena di montaggio: una morte farà sempre spazio a una nuova nascita come il ciclo tramonto-alba. L’essere umano come si pone in questa dimensione? Finora l’ha subita con estrema rassegnazione, in altri casi vi si è opposto pateticamente cercando l’eterna giovinezza. Personalmente ritengo sia stupido trascorrere un’intera vita senza tentare di spezzare questo ciclo, siamo essere intelligenti e non possiamo rassegnarci a un’esistenza che si fondi su regole preimpostate ritenute inviolabili. Ma, se proprio non abbiamo la forza neanche di provare a sovvertire il sistema, almeno limitiamoci ad attendere la fine senza farci travolgere dalla sofferenza, il tempo impiegato a soffrire è quello speso peggio.

 Sia "Off Reame And Pian" che "Jupon Tris Erta" erano grandi album, penalizzati in parte dalla mancanza di un'etichetta che si occupasse di fare una promozione degna di questo nome; quant’è importante per te, oggi, godere del supporto di una realtà come la Bakerteam ? 
Avere un’etichetta è senz’altro un’arma in più, ma determinante, con l'entrata di Mike nella band, è stato il mutamento di approccio. Fino a poco tempo fa per me l‘aspetto promozionale era un fardello che seguiva l‘uscita del disco, qualcosa di monotono, manageriale e scarsamente allettante, se non addirittura frustrante, per chi come me volesse rimanere strettamente concentrato sulla parte artistica del fare musica. Adesso fortunatamente ho superato queste remore, spinto dal fatto che una maggiore esposizione mediatica, giova sicuramente anche alla crescita artistica; potendo arrivare a più persone aumentano i mezzi e le opportunità, quindi non mi stupirei se il prossimo disco fosse qualitativamente superiore, anche in virtù di questo. 

Al di là dell’aspetto organizzativo c’è stato un ulteriore salto di qualità dal punto di vista compositivo; quanto ha contribuito, in questo, il passaggio da progetto a band vera e propria, con l’ingresso in formazione di Mike e il contributo fondamentale di Giuseppe Orlando ? 
L’ingresso di Mike purtroppo è avvenuto quando ormai il disco era ultimato, quindi ha potuto collaborare poco da questo punto di vista se non arricchendo gli arrangiamenti, più decisivo in questo senso è stato l’apporto di Giuseppe che ha dato umanità alla sezione ritmica, da sempre in mano ad una drum machine. Per un breve lasso di tempo Valkiria si è quindi, tramutata in una band completa e la cosa l’ho voluta rimarcare anche nel video, dove le riprese iniziali si concentrano su inquadrature di noi presi singolarmente, ma poi finalmente quando il pezzo si apre compariamo tutti insieme; ciò ha anche un valore altamente simbolico. 

 Alla luce di questo nuovo assetto pensi di poter finalmente intraprendere con i Valkiria l'attività live? Non ti fa certo difetto un ampio repertorio di qualità dal quale attingere; in questo caso sia Mike, alle prese con i suoi ottimi Stigmhate, sia Giuseppe, che oltre alla titolarità della batteria nei Novembre è anche un produttore super impegnato, sarebbero in grado di accompagnarti oppure saresti costretto ad avvalerti di altri musicisti ? 
Ecco come hai appena detto ognuno di noi è super impegnato o in altri progetti musicali o da un lavoro a tempo pieno, tutte caratteristiche non compatibili con tour particolarmente impegnativi. Ci sono troppi presupposti che devono essere soddisfatti per poter suonare in giro e purtroppo per noi, non si sono ancora tutti verificati. 

 Raramente negli ultimi anni ho avuto occasione di vedere un video nel quale la musica si sposava alla perfezione con le immagini come quello che avete girato per “Sunrise”; fortunatamente oggi, tramite i vari canali su internet, è fruibile per chiunque, ma non ti infastidisce un po’ il fatto che per questo tipo di musica gli sbocchi sui network televisivi siano praticamente preclusi? 
Si è francamente un peccato, ma è anche vero che chi ascolta Metal ormai non perde tempo su Mtv e simili, e questo limita il mio rammarico. Certo ci sarebbero tanti altri che potrebbero avvicinarsi a questo genere di musica, ma gli viene negata questa possibilità, anzi subiscono un costante lavaggio del cervello con la solita musica plastificata. Direi però che se la vanno a cercare, insomma vedere la tv è da lobotomizzati. Esorto chiunque a concentrarsi su internet, sia per la musica che l’informazione, la tv è affar di stato e va boicottata!

 Mi riallaccio in parte a questo argomento chiedendo anche a te, come ho già fatto ad altri musicisti che operano in ambito doom, se la soddisfazione e il piacere di comporre riescano sempre a compensare il fatto di non riuscire a raggiungere un pubblico più ampio. 
Sono pensieri che non mi hanno mai turbato più di tanto, iniziando a suonare questo genere sapevo di poter contare su pochi fedelissimi, bastano questi a dare un senso nel fare musica. E se anche loro dovessero venire meno, beh allora suonerò solo per me stesso, ma dubito che mollerò.

 In sede di recensione ho citato “Here Comes The Day” come esempio di gothic-doom ispirato alla fase migliore dei capiscuola del genere, collocandosi alla loro altezza per ispirazione e capacità di evocare sensazioni cupe e malinconiche; il genere secondo me in questo periodo sta ritrovando nuova linfa, oltre che con il vostro album, anche grazie a lavori come “Melpomene” dei Frailty e “The Shortest Way” degli Evadne, solo per citare i più recenti. Ti chiedo se hai sentito questi lavori e, invece, come valuti la parabola artistica della sacra triade composta da My Dying Bride, Anathema e Paradise Lost. 
Purtroppo non conosco i primi due che mi hai menzionato, ma rimedierò al più presto, per quanto riguarda la triade sacra direi che a loro dovrà sempre essere riconosciuto il giusto merito, per quello che hanno fatto e per l’ispirazione che i loro album d’esordio continuano a dare a tanti altri musicisti. Attualmente invece mi sembrano in evidente affanno, gli unici che riescono a tenere secondo me, sono i My Dying Bride, anche se pure da parte loro traspaiono ormai ampi segnali di opacità in termini di idee; per quanto riguarda i Paradise Lost, stanno proponendo lo stesso disco da anni e gli Anathema ormai risultano non più pervenuti tra le fila del Metal e francamente, la loro proposta attuale appare a dir poco melensa.

 Da dove deriva la tua scelta di optare in prevalenza per lo screaming rispetto al growl ? Lo ritieni più funzionale al genere o semplicemente ti trovi maggiormente a tuo agio con questo tipo di tecnica vocale ? 
E stato all’inizio una necessità, in quanto non sono dotato di una voce growl. Poi ascoltando quello che man mano veniva fuori tanto io che Mike ci siamo convinti che quella fosse la soluzione migliore, oltre che un ulteriore mezzo attraverso il quale rendere ancor più personale la nostra proposta. 

 Negli ultimi tempi molte band si stanno cimentando con liriche in italiano, spesso con ottimi risultati (citerei in particolare gli Ecnephias); la ritieni un'opzione praticabile in futuro anche per i Valkiria ? 
Sarebbe bello poter cantare in italiano, ma lo ritengo poco adatto a questo tipo di sound. In passato ("Thur Kuarankarn Sthorn" ed "Epika") ho optato per una lingua di mia creazione, ma ritengo che l’inglese rimanga la soluzione preferibile anche per poter risultare comprensibile alla maggior parte dei nostri fan che risiedono all‘estero. 

 Una domanda poco originale ma sempre intrigante: quali sono i dischi che ti hanno spinto a diventare un musicista e quali, invece, ritieni le pietre miliari del genere che suoni ? 
Ho iniziato a suonare per merito di Angus Young, i suoi assoli mi si sono piantati nel cervello, poi Joe Satriani è stato un altro grande punto di riferimento. Per le pietre miliari direi che canonicamente a questa domanda si debba rispondere con: Brave Murder Day (Katatonia), Turn Loose The Swans (My Dying Bride) The Silent Enigma (Anathema) e Gothic (Paradise Lost). 

 Per finire, ringraziandoti per la tua disponibilità, ci puoi accennare qualcosa sui programmi futuri della band ? 
L’aspetto positivo di non dover suonare live è quello di potersi dedicare esclusivamente alla stesura dei nuovi brani, quindi siamo totalmente concentrati su questo aspetto. Nuovi orizzonti si sono dischiusi con l’entrata nella band di Tim Rowland (cantante e chitarrista dei promettenti Woccon, recensiti recentemente da iyezine – ndr), così ora possiamo avvalerci anche di un'ottima voce pulita, questo ci rende ancora più fiduciosi per il nostro futuro.


Interview (June 2012)

Chris from ThisIsNotAScene got to experience the latest offering from Valkiria, “Here The Day Comes,” and was struck by its unique time phase based journey concept. So much so, that Chris got to catch up with the band and talk all things band and new release related.

First of all thank you for the interview opportunity.

You’re welcome, it’s always a pleasure talking about our music.

Are you happy about how the album has ended up?

Yes of course, we did our best and we are very satisfied with the final result. Without any doubt it’s a huge step forward. we recorded all the previous albums in my home studio, but with ”Here The Day Comes” we wanted a more professional sound. Giuseppe Orlando(mixing) and Jens Bogren (mastering) did an amazing work, I think we have achieved the right compromise between the groove of 90’s and the power/clearness of sound we have nowadays.

The new album is split into the different phases of the day. What made you guys decide upon this concept?

The concept of time becomes the main flow of our lives as we grow old, I just wanted to give this idea in the most comprehensible way. In our lives developments and changes sometimes happen so suddenly as to leave us disoriented. I thought to turn the time of life into the smallest possible measurement unit and from there comes the idea that one day may summarize our existence. There has been much moralizing on this concept, I prefer to think that life is too short to hurt us.

Do you feel each song is a representation of the section of the day it is entitled with?

Each title represents a phase of life, which closes up at night. The night is our old age, the darkest moment for those who thought they could live forever, whereas it only end us up to be the wiser moment for those who have understood their futility as individuals.

How do you feel the album has been received thus far?

The views are very positive so far. People unanimously say this is our best album, obviously there has been some criticism, but the rest would be really boring to hear, just pretty words. The only thing I highly recommend to those who are new to this kind of music, that’s about listening to it in a calm situation, possibly in the silence of the night and do not judge on a first listening. This is not just rock ‘n’ roll.

Do you feel there are any benefits or hindrances from being a duo rather than a, let’s say, more conventional numbered band?

I believe that the number does not count, it is important to be a good team, we put the music first. It’s not easy to find people alike, maybe in the future with a bit of luck, other permanent members (those one with the right ideas) could join the band, but so far we don’t want to break this balance. The line up is completed by session musicians for what concern live performances, so there is no pressure in finding other stable members.

A lot of people may not realise, but Valkiria has been going on for a considerably long time. Do you feel the latest album has opened you to a wider audience at all?

We are aware that we had a poor promotion in the past sixteen years, we have just been living pretty much in the underground. At some point it was time to change. Now we are starting to gain some recognition and that honours us. We knew that creating a more professional album, would offer us better chance, but unfortunately, due to a number of factors, only now we got it. The number of our fans is growing exponentially, just look at our Facebook page, we must admit we’re positively surprised for such an exploit.

How do you feel “Here The Day Comes” stands with the rest of your back catalogue?

“Here The Day Comes” is the natural evolution of what has been done so far, we’ve grown as musicians as well as persons and this is inevitably reflected in our music and our lyrics. The Drum machine and the home studio recording have become an handicap, we finally have a real drummer and record with all the modern techniques of recording. All these factors have led to a revolution in our style, a point of no return.

You state your influences as such bands as Ulver, Anathema and Paradise Lost to name just a few. What is it about such acts that inspired you in the first place?

There are many other groups that you didn’t mention that certainly had an influence even greater as: early KatatoniaThe CurePink Floyd.

Do you have much touring/shows planned in the near future?

These days we are planning to start a small tour starting on next fall, but unfortunately I cannot tell you much more about it, because no shows are confirmed yet.

Finally, thank you once again for this interview. Is there anything you would like to add at all?

Thank you for your support and please contact us or just let your voice be heard if you wantValkiria to play in your country.

Intervista (june 2012)

Come avete potuto notare nei giorni precedenti, Valkus Valkiria è tornato sulle scene nel migliore dei modi con Here the Day Comes noi di non potevamo non cogliere l'occasione per intervistare l'ideatore di uno dei progetti attualmente più interessanti di casa nostra.

Ciao Valkus, innanzitutto benvenuto sulle pagine di Ti va di raccontarci come è nato il progetto Valkiria?

Ciao e grazie a voi è un piacere. Era il 1996 e all’epoca suonavo con gliObscure Devotion, tuttavia in questa band non riuscivo ad esprimermi a pieno così ho deciso di mettermi in proprio fondando Valkiria, era evidente che reduce da quella esperienza ero abbastanza stanco dei compromessi e dei limiti che ti impone una band, quindi sono andato avanti come unico membro per un sacco di tempo servendomi dell’aiuto di session.

Valkiria nasce come one-man-band, e dopo la collaborazione con Mancan e tornata a esserlo; pensi sia il caso di stabilire delle nuove collaborazioni stabili?

Si con l’entrata di Mancan, ho cominciato a pensare a Valkiria più come una band, ecco perché quando è andato via ho subito cercato altri membri stabili e per fortuna è subentrato Mike che ha avuto un ruolo fondamentale in questo ultimo periodo. La dimostrazione che l’unione fa la forza, ma se non trovi le persone giuste come è capitato a me per tanto tempo, beh allora è meglio andare avanti da soli.

Una strada intrapresa nel 1996 che ancor oggi riesce a ottenere ottimi risultati. Qual è il segreto di questi successi?

Come dicevo, la determinazione, l’idea di dover far musica a prescindere da tutto e tutti, qualcosa che debba soddisfare innanzitutto me stesso. Se avessi badato all’opinione della gente o mi fossi fermato dinnanzi ai tanti ostacoli che si sono frapposti nel cammino, non sarei qui a parlare del nuovo disco.

Come si è evoluto il sound di Valkiria?

Siamo diventati più “sensibili”, percepiamo più emozioni e tendiamo a trasfonderle in musica, empiricamente il tutto si è tradotto con un forte rallentamento dei tempi di batteria e la ricerca sempre più massiccia di armonizzazioni, non inseriamo meno di quattro chitarre e ognuna deve suonare una nota differente, sembrerà semplice la mia musica, ma se la si analizzasse più attentamente si scoprirebbe quanto lavoro c’è dietro.

E a cosa è dovuto il passaggio dal black metal al gothic doom odierno?

Non abbiamo certo ragionato su questo è semplicemente accaduto. Sin dalle origini siamo stati catalogati come band Black Metal, ma già all’epoca questa definizione non era perfettamente calzante. Già nel primo demo c’erano i germi di quello che è il nostro stile attuale. In ogni caso non mi va di ripetere lo stesso album in serie, esplorare territori nuovi è una sfida che mi porta a fare sempre nuova musica.

Cosa è rimasto di "Blood on Blood" e "Of Dreams and Pain"?

Sono due pilastri per noi. Non vorrei essere di parte, ma credo che siano dischi ampiamente sottostimati, ma in fondo era così che dovevano andare le cose. Con “Here the day comes” comunque, abbiamo ulteriormente affinato il nostro stile e adesso tutto inizia a girare nel verso giusto, la dimostrazione che avere tenacia in ciò in cui si crede alla fine paga sempre.

Giuseppe Orlando, altro nome di prestigio del metal italiano. Come è nata questa collaborazione?

Sin da quando ho sentito i Novembre la prima volta fui fortemente impressionato dal suo stile. Mike lo conosceva da parecchio tempo e quando sono venuto a saperlo subito gli ho proposto di contattarlo, dopo una breve telefonata potevamo dire di avere ingaggiato uno dei migliori batteristi per il genere che proponiamo.

Parliamo del nuovo album, quali sono state le ispirazioni e le idee che ti hanno stimolato?

Quando ho iniziato a metter giù i primi riff, avevo una vaga idea del concept. Alla fine ciò che più finisce per influenzarmi sono le mie paure, i tanti interrogativi che non avranno mai risposta. Andando avanti con l’età percepisci sempre di più il fluire del tempo e quest’altra dimensione finisce per affiancarsi prepotentemente a quella spaziale, ma gli esseri umani tendono a ritenere il tempo incomprensibile perché è infinito e come ogni cosa che possa definirsi tale è inconcepibile per le nostre menti. Per questo ho “umanizzato” il concetto di tempo riducendolo ad un unico giorno, un’unità di misura decisamente alla portata dei nostri limiti.

In poche parole Here the Day Comes è…

L’idea che non c’è giorno più breve, di un’intera vita vissuta cercando di essere ogni giorno migliori.

Hai già pianificato dei concerti per la promozione di Here the Day Comes?

Stiamo lavorando su questo, abbiamo finalmente una situazione più stabile che ci consente di poterci muovere in tal senso e quindi inizieremo al più presto un mini tour di rodaggio.

Forse è ancora presto ma sono sicuro che hai già in mente qualcosa per il futuro!

A quanto pare non riesco a nascondere niente, la gente sembra sbirciare nel mio studio e quasi già sente le incipienti melodie del prossimo disco…
Grazie Valkus, lascio a te lo spazio per i saluti!
Grazie a te Salvatore e a tutto lo staff di Speriamo di poter essere in giro al più presto! (Greece - may 2012)

There are some bands that like to evolve and although they have the chance to stay musically still they do prefer to try out new things and take their music a step further… in this specific example… a step into the darkness. Valkiria are presenting their newly completed, wonderful, gloomy, atmospheric, melancholic metal album. Be sure that you will find several new elements the previous albums didn’t have. Valkus, the mastermind, of Valkiria… told us about the band’s second era, his new music buddies, his philosophy and the new album… in this very interesting interview below…

Hi Valkus… I think that “Here The Day comes” is a huge step forward for the band… and a great album indeed.

V: I agree with you, every album must be a step forward or is better to wait the right inspiration, we worked for two years on it eventually we did it at our best.

So, first of all tell us about the line-up changes. Who is the new guitarist & why did the previous singer leave the band?

V: Mike is the new guitarist, he’s been a very good buy for Valkiria he brought a lot of positive changes. We often say, If only we have met before… As regards Mancan, our previous singer, since I had to move up in Northern Italy for work, our collaboration has become more difficult and at the end he decided to leave the band and concentrate on his own project Ecnephias.

It’s was weird that you decided to handle the vocals… but eventually it was the best thing to do… you should have done it a long time ago. Why did you decide to do so after so many years?

V: I definitely stop singing after the “Blood on blood” album because I wanted to focus on guitars and, to be honest, I also found many difficulties dealing with screaming vocals. This is a singing style that requires a strong emotional approach, I was lacking this force, so I had to delegate this task.

I think that those hellish/black metal vocals are fitting your music better … and on the other hand, I’m glad I didn’t listen to the “classic” brutal doom/death vocals again. Those vocals make your sound more distinguished… I think.

V: When I realized I was able to sing again I worked a lot, searching to find the right compromise between rage and emotion. We wanted to create the right contrast between the melody of the guitars and the power of singing. In the studio we tried for two weeks different styles and at the end I decided to use a growl voice under the screaming lead vocals, while I parsimoniously used clean vocals only speaking and not intoning. I think clean vocals for this genre are a double cut weapon, at one hand they make the disk easier to be listen to & on the other hand they end up with giving the disk a shorter life.

It was also a great idea to cooperate with Giuseppe Orlando. You were totally in need of a real drummer. I really can’t stand the drum machines any more… maybe, they were OK for some bands in the early 90’s… but a real drummer can make the overall sound much better. What do you think?

V: The drum machine let us keep Valkiria alive. Indeed we are very grateful to that, since even if we agree that it isn’t the perfect choice we kept on with it since we hadn’t the chance to find the right drummer, and mostly because of budget. In the past we were able to offer our music for free download because we didn’t spend anything on recording. A real drummer like Giuseppe is, without any doubt, a huge step forward for the sound, he has a unique style playing the drum… I think he’s one of the best in this kind of music.

The sound is also amazingly good. Very tight and heavy. Recording the album at Outer Sound Studios in Rome, was the best thing you could have done… right?

V: Since Giuseppe joined the band, it was a natural choice to delegate him the entire production. There are a few people in the world expert like him on this genre. He knows very well how to bring out the best from any single instruments, in terms of melancholy and darkness.

Who suggested reaching Jens Bogren (Paradise Lost, Opeth, Katatonia etc.) for the mastering? Great job indeed.

V: It was me, I’ve always admired him ‘cause he’s able to create a different sound for each band. He gave a touch of modernity and clearness to our sound.

Do you believe you’ve taken the right decisions concerning Valkiria the last period? Can we say that this is the second era of the band?

V: I think there have been more than two eras for Valkiria, this is a new one as you said, a step forward and for sure we don’t miss the past. We did a lot of albums with the same formula, it was a must to change, to move on, even if we think we didn’t change so much, but we like if people perceive that, we don’t fear changes. (i.n.: the fans do understand when a change is for the better eventually…)

How did you come up with the name Valkiria back in the mid-90s?

V: I took it from a videogame I played on “Commodore 64” called “Archon”, Valkirias were among the strongest warriors of the game, some years later when I had to choose the name of the project that name came up into my mind. It’s simple and easy to remember, that’s what I wanted.

OK let’s focus on the new album. “Here The Day Comes”… Which is that day the title refers to? When will it come… and what shall it bring?

V: I am aware that people are always ready to believe promises of a day or a better world, but I don’t talk about a new day. I would like people to stop living waiting always for something else. We have just to realize how our lives are short. Every day is a life, every life is just one long day. Here the day comes to understand how stupid is to suffer, the night is coming and will bring it all away.

How is the title of the album related with the very good and atmospheric artwork?

V: It looks simply and natural like it must be to fully represent the concept. That ray of sunshine filtering through the trees is a new life that soon will break in the dark of the night. I had no doubt it was the right cover, since I saw it for the first time.

The song titles refer to the day phases… Please give us a hint about each one of them…

V: “Dawn”: A slow arpeggio introduces the day/life…

“Sunrise”: Song with an immediate attack, light is spreading on the world…

“Morning”: The heart of the disk together with next song, the angriest one representing the youth…

“Afternoon”: An angry riff again in the introduction, the desperate scream of whom realises his fatuity…

“Sunset”: Is the time of wisdom and resignation…

“Evening”: A harrowing intro leads to the final “moment”…

“Night”: Spirited attack for the final chapter, the end has a sweet taste for those who were able to love it...

You have also released your first video clip ever. Feels good, right? Are you satisfied with the final result? Is that what you had in mind?

V: Yes I am satisfied, even if I was a bit sceptic about the final result, I though that with a limited budget it was impossible to make a good job, eventually we were able to use the best way all the locations, bringing out all their suggestiveness. The video is obviously inspired by the concept of the album, we had to synthetize it in a few minutes and that’s for sure not easy. The single scenes were, in a certain sense, improvised following a storyboard that changed time to time. We shot a lot so we could choose the most evocative scenes. It was a hard job to edit! The principal scene among which we built the whole video, is the birth from water… when I explained the storyboard of the video to the model she was enthusiastic to shoot it, but when it was time to dive completely into the freezing water she was not so sure anymore and we mercy her. We used a layer of water in postproduction.

I think you should have made a video for every song… just to showcase the different day phases and the feelings you get by each one of them… but I know such things cost very much… and it could have been like a movie or something… what do you say?

V: It would be great to do it, even if I think we did a good job synthetizing it in that single videoclip. In any case you were smart reading our desires and also our budget limits, but who knows what happens in the future... never say never.

It seems that working with a new label, Bakerteam Records, inspired you in every level and you do give the best of you. Are you satisfied with your cooperation with them?

V: Bakerteam has definitely opened us new doors, but it was not the cause but the effect of that new approach I mentioned. It’s clear to us, the great part of the work has to be done by the band. In all these years I learned to do all by myself, so everything good comes from other people it’s a plus.(i.n.: surely, the band does all the hard work… but when it have a label that supports the band things are even better…)

Have you faced any problems with the previous labels you have worked with? Is it hard after all for a band to find a good label to deal with?

V: Labels with which we came in contact do not even deserve to be remembered, eventually there’s a reason if we were so far a self-produced band. It’s for sure nowadays ever more difficult to find the right label, even the bigger ones are in crisis. That fatally means that the quality is lower than the past. There are many reasons but nobody seems to be able to invert this trend. We are in the middle of decadence and nobody really knows how to come out.

Can you honestly say that “Here The Day Comes”… is the best work of the band so far at any level? I strongly believe that… by the way…it is also written in my review…

V: Without any doubt we agree with you, otherwise we wouldn’t have published it, it makes no sense to release an album which isn’t at least a little better than the previous ones. (i.n.: yeap, that makes sense… but it does not happen every time though…)

I’ve written that: “this release will be your ticket to gain more popularity than before” in my review as well… do you agree with that?

V: Popularity is not our priority even if we don’t mind it. The only thing we really hope is keeping playing our music apart from everything and against all odds. Of course we like the increasing support of our new and old fans.

The official press release says that you will be touring to support this album. Have you found any session musicians to help you and if yes who are they?

V: We are working on that, unfortunately it’s not so easy. Playing live is becoming increasingly difficult for everybody. For the moment I only can say we are rehearsing a lot, Giuseppe will be our session drummer even if the geographical distance between us doesn’t help a lot.

Are there any booked live shows yet?

V: We don’t have dates yet.

Have you ever thought of going as a full band? Is this on your future plans? You already have a drummer… so you just need a bassist… and the line-up is ready… what do you think?

V: You are right, and that's what we want to realize in the next future.

If you were to describe the sound of your new album to someone that has never heard you before… what would say to him?

V: Metal full of melody and darkness with an epic touch. A sort of new wave of gothic doom metal. But I always end up saying it’s better if you don’t listen to it if you don’t like nocturnal and atmospheric metal.
What are the secrets of composing beautiful atmospheric melancholic doom metal music? What are those things that inspire you?

V: I think you have to be in a particular state of mind, I can’t describe it properly, I just feel ready to compose something, it grows in my body, it could be night or a sunny day there’s no difference, everything around me goes away and I start playing. If I can feel this sensation when I listen again to what I composed, that riff or complete song will be part of the album.

What’s your opinion of people downloading free music from the Internet? What shall an artist do in order to avoid losing money and time?

V: We have always agreed with free downloads, we have put our albums for free download on our website since 2001. This system allowed us to achieve a certain degree of popularity within the underground. The real problem is that unfortunately people are now accustomed to play MP3s and purchase the physical CD is deemed unnecessary. However, the free download has blamed the true value of music.

How can a band differ and separate itself from the thousands other bands out there… that due to youtube, myspace, facebook… are “bombarding” the fans with new music and info every minute…?

V: There’s no formula, we should all have the right to make music, but we should have the decency to self censor when it is not good. Unfortunately, it happens often to see poor performances on you tube etc…These individuals end up stealing space to those who deserve it. This makes it much harder for good bands to reach potential fans. (i.n.: yeap, that’s so true)

And some weird Questions now!! Are darkness and melancholy as appealing as they appear to be in your music eventually?

V: These are themes that inspire me, but I do not impose any feeling in my music, what listeners perceive it depends on their own sensitivity. I think that people who listen to this kind of music have similar state of mind, they exactly know what they want from an album in terms of feeling, the challenge is to bring them on a higher level. Eventually if listening to HTDC you perceive darkness and gloom is only up to you. It could be one of the doors to another dimension you have only to find the courage to pass by.

Were you obliged to give just one album to extraterrestrials that would represent the whole human music evolution, which album would it be and from which band/artist?

V: It has not been written yet. One day the music can really connect humanity with other realities, nowadays we are just at the beginning, the first album that manages to do this will be worthy to represent of all humanity.

Which is your best book that also became a movie… and why?

V: I shall mention the “Lord of the Rings” as regards movie based on book, the other based on comics are: “The Crow”, “Della morte dell’amore” inspired by Dylan Dog and “Paz“ taken from the Andrea Pazienza comics.

Who is your favorite fantasy author and why?

V: This kind of literature has born and died with Tolkien. All the others have tried to follow him in spite of themselves, but I think they are pure boredom.

Who is your favorite philosopher and why?

V: I try every day to build my philosophy, reading philosophy would pollute my thoughts, I think that, if you want to understand something in this world, you have to grow by yourself nobody can teach it, learn it from others is impossible and counterproductive. Reading philosophy you risk of undermining their way of knowledge. You can not simply read a book, it is necessary that the philosopher is there beside you to start discussing, Philosophy is comparison. The philosophy and religion in a sense die with the author of those ideas, later risks of misinterpretation are significant. Let our thoughts naturally come to the right ideas, if they are truly prevail.

Is religion (any religion at all) a way to control and manipulate people from having power over them?

V: The lyrics of my previous albums were taken from “The cycle of Velmhar” which is my first book which talks exactly about what you’re asking. As I explain there, I don’t believe men manipulate people minds with religion, but I consider that there are Gods who do it through out corrupted men, the mean of the Gods is to keep mankind divided because they fear the cohesion of man which could kick them out.
In my book I state that the Gods sabotage the force of human actions with conflicts. In real life we often face inexplicable acts such as the killing of leaders who strive for peace and common prosperity, the massacre of defenceless by soldiers who should ensure that peace. This can not be simply the result of human negligence; someone up there is sabotaging us, fearing us. Religion is created by the Gods in order to keep humanity frightened and divided so they don’t come together and become aware of their strength.
This is the sad reality, religions are always means of manipulation, even if they have been created with the best intentions.
This is related with what I said about philosophers and even more about prophets: each of us is able to know and must not passively accept the thought of others. Thought is the only thing that distinguishes us from beasts. This is so worth fighting for free speech because it means freedom.

Is fiction part of reality… or reality is fiction’s flaw?

V: Fiction helps us understand better reality. Sometimes we confuse each others or we prefer to build our own world, but this can be a dangerous game for those who can not get back to reality. Madness is just around the corner for weak minds, but the brain is like any other muscle: if you train it, it won’t atrophy.

What do you think of the economic crisis that’s threatening people’s lives over the profit of some rich men? Do we need a revolution again? Living in a country that has also got so many problems as mine… your opinion counts more…

V: You can read everything in this respect. Crisis is the result of work of a few incompetent that have the power, is a story that repeats itself. People are not interested in politics and to deepen what is happening. Nowadays, with internet and all media available, it is outrageous. Crisis is preventable, but people realize to feel bad, only when almost everything is lost. This crisis is just another opportunity to learn that you cannot delegate to others, we must act and make everyone’s duty realizing true democracy.

What’s your opinion about the activist group of “Anonymous”? Do the big ones need someone to scare them… or the whole thing isn’t so innocent in the end? Do protectors of humanity still exist out there… or some are just playing tricks?

V: I must admit I didn’t know “Anonymous” before. I still think that any form of peaceful dissent is fine. In any case, I think the big ones have become what they are thanks to people’s closed eyes. I do not know if every one has eyes to open widely (I strongly hope so), it seems there are so many blind people, who are never going to see little beyond themselves. That’s the real problem. Ignorance is mother of fake democracy and superstition that we still call religion.

Is the European Union condemned to fail in the end? That would probably cause a worldwide domino of destruction at any level…

V: Europe had already been united by the Romans 2000 years ago, millions of people lived in peace and spoke the same language but some extraordinary events broke the balance. The fall of the Roman Empire gives me the confirmation of my theory: it was Attila sent by a cruel God to destroy an example of peaceful human coexistence? It seems to me that some malevolent God gave the final coup to a dream. Europe and the entire world is not destined to remain united for the moment, we should be stronger than our destiny, to be one day really united.

Shall we wait for extraterrestrials to save us… or we must first make a stand and save our lives ourselves… instead of waiting for miracles? Are the stars our destiny eventually?

V: Unfortunately, people always expect a saviour and that is always fertile ground for new religions and beliefs that deplete our intelligence and freedom. No!! Wake up!!! There is no saviour to save us indeed there’s someone interested in exactly the opposite. We must save us by ourselves!

You are standing in front of two transparent doors. Door number 1 leads to a huge garden full of naked models running, playing and kissing around while Door number 2 takes you to the Isles of the Blessed where you can interact with some great ancient philosophers and learn the deepest secrets of life, death and universe. Which one would you cross and why?

V: I think that I can learn the wisest secrets by the inhabitants of the first garden.

You have the opportunity to sleep with the movie-celebrity of your choice. Who would it be?

V: If I only have to sleep… I rather to do it by myself…

I will give you 3 colors, and you will tell me what album you believe describes best each color...

V: I don’t know if it is a psychological test but I will answer with the first three that come into my mind…

Black: “Back in Black” by AC/DC…
Grey: “Grey Dawn” by October Tide…
Deep Blue: “The Blue” by Novembre…

Imagine that your girlfriend is selling your whole album-collection just to buy an expensive ring for herself. How would you react?

V: There’s no need for her to act like this. My girlfriends cannot even touch my album collection and they don’t need material stuff, I know how to satisfy them in other ways.

I think we’re done Valkus… Thank you for this very interesting interview... Please leave a note to Grande Rock readers… Take care!

V: Thank you for asking these questions, different than usual. Keep on supporting us, we need it!



INFEKTION - How would you present “Here the Day Comes” to Infektion Magazine readers? Is it a concept album?
VALKUS: Yes it is. T h e   c o n c e p t   o f   t h e   n e w   a l b u m   i s   b a s e d   o n   a   s i n g l e   d a y ,   w i t h   e a c h   s o n g   c o r r e s p o n d i n g   o f   a   d e f i n i t e   p e r i o d   o f   life. I began to compose a long, unique song, then I divided it, into the seven tracks you find on the cd, each one of them related to a moment of the day/life. The final concept represents how short life is, every single day we live could be synthesise in one long day, that’s doesn’t’t mean in our point of view “carpe diem” but simply: be patient, life will have end before you can imagine.

INFEKTION - This time it took you three years do release a new record. Why?
VALKUS: we were quite prolific in the last 5 years, producing 4 albums and a demo. This was due primarily to the fact that we had a break in 1998 that lasted eight years, then it was natural to react by unleashing all our creative energies compressed for such a long time. After releasing “Upon this earth” it was time for us to take a little breath, considering what was done and what could still be done.

INFEKTION - For the first time, Valkiria recorded with a real drummer. Why the option of Giuseppe Orlando (from Novembre), who also mixed the album?
VALKUS: We have always admired his style because is unique. The drum machine has featured for many years, as our clear choice, only a talented drummer like him could make us change our mind, definitely he’s the perfect drummer for our music. The fact that we registered in his studio, means that he’s a also an excellent sound engineer.

INFEKTION - After a solid career in the underground, in which you self-released four records, you finally got a record deal with Bakerteam Records. Who did you came in touch? In what aspects this contract may change Valkiria’s musical approach? 
VALKUS: We have always been a non conformist band, not having ever wanted to tie with a label until last year, but after H.T.D.C. we decided to do more in terms of promotion, because it would be a shame if this album does not reach as many ears as possible. Internet was our only channel of promotion so far, therefore we contacted some labels, Bakerteam was the one with the best proposal . The only difference from the past is that we are increasing our visibility, that won’t change anything, in terms of musical approach.

INFEKTION - Since your formation, in 1996, a lot of water came under the bridge. In 2012, can we say that Valkiria is parting from a(n almost) solo project from Valkus Valkiria to become a full band? 
VALKUS: I started as a one man band even though it was not my intention. Other capable musicians are always welcome. So we are willing to add other permanent members in the band, because we believe that sometimes to be two is a limit.

INFEKTION - Is turning Valkiria into a live act a natural step?
VALKUS: It attracts us a lot, playing live would be really cool, unfortunately, the difficulties are many. The opportunity to do a decent tour are not so many, today it is becoming increasingly difficult to cover even part of the costs of a tour, right now we can just work and hope something good will happen, that will allow us to overcome all the obstacles.

INFEKTION - For the new record, was there a special care in the recording process, production and in the mixing?
VALKUS: We did things properly this time in order to obtain a professional work. We mixed and recorded the drums at  Outersound studio. We trusted mastering to Jens Bogren who is nowadays one of the best producer of metal in Europe. We are very satisfied of the final result.

INFEKTION - Other notorious change was the careful imagery and artwork, reinforced by the beautiful video clip you made for “Sunrise”. Explain us the process of creating all the imagery for the new record?
VALKUS: Originally I created a cover by myself with a lot of images pasted together to represent a sort of cemetery with some suffering figures, but we weren’t satisfied with the final result, so we decided to change it in a more impressive one. I found that picture on internet and I immediate felt in love with it. 
The colours are beautiful and so intense, the light that filters can only be the dawn it’s on the same mood of the concept of the cd.
The video synthesize part of the concept, “Sunrise” is men’s youth , which is shown by the girl who wonders up to discover the truth and is shocked, she will find peace only coming back into the water, that represents knowledge and wisdom and also the end, cause when they are fully achieved: here the death comes.

INFEKTION - I sense Valkiria’s sound grew quite significantly, from a more Black Metal approach (in the early) to a Dark Epic/Gothic Metal, but always focused in atmosphere. How do you explain this evolution and the common denominator in your music “atmosphere”?
VALKUS: The music is emotion and this generates atmosphere that is obviously different depending on the sensitivity of the listener. The atmosphere created by Valkiria aims to take the listener on a different dimension, to escape from the oppression of this world.

INFEKTION - Probably many people compare your sound with Katatonia, specially the “Brave Murder Day” era, but to me it also has a strong emotional Mediterranean side to it (for instance like Novembre also has). What are your main influences nowadays?
VALKUS: We were influenced by many bands and the bands you mentioned had a very important role without any doubt . The Mediterranean sound could be an unconscious influence due to the fact I was born in Southern Italy, but, generally, I don’t agree with those who relate a genre of music with specific geographical area. It happens also that many musicians tend to insert specific solutions (traditional instruments or vocals….) in their sound forcing the connection music-territory, but in my opinion most of the times the result is not spontaneous.
Now we draw inspiration mainly from our own experiences, maybe one day we will be a source of inspiration as well for others.

INFEKTION - Any final words?
VALKUS: Thank you for your support and hope to come soon to your country to play live.


Lords of Metal (Nederland - april 2012)

This album brings up nostalgia about the nineties, when gothic/doom metal used to be in full expansion, with bands like Paradise Lost, Katatonia and Tiamat as important representatives of the genre. That’s what I wrote last month about ‘Here The Day Comes’ from Valkiria. That appears to be a trio hailing from Rome that recently created their fifth (!) album with equal parts of melancholy and heaviness. Valkus Valkiria is the main man and moving spirit behind the band. We sent some questions to this multilateral musician, thus Valkus tells us about his lifework.

First of all congratulations with ‘Here The Day Comes’! It is a stunner and a great surprise for me. Well, Valkiria started as a black metal project in 1996. Can you tell a bit more about this initiative and early days? 
VALKUS: Thank you very much, I’m really glad you enjoyed it! I've been involved with several bands since I started playing in the early 90‘s, moving across many different kinds of metal. In those days I joined Obscure Devotion. That period was crucial in many aspects, O.D. was the first serious band, everything was so different, we were very determined. We used to play all day long, I remember we spent a whole summer rehearsing. But unfortunately there were many misunderstandings, so we ended up fighting most of the time. After that, I finally decided to set up Valkiria, my own project. In the early years, I went forward as a one man band, as Walter - who had also worked on the programming of drum machine on my first demo - decided not to cooperate anymore. I actually had to stop for a while. This was just one of the problems I had to face in the late 90's though. A few years later, I finally bought up a computer. I had a bit of a rejection of this technology at the beginning, but eventually I realized that was the right way, so thanks to the support of a friend of mine I created the first Valkiria website in 2001 and a few years later, when I was fully competent, I released a second demo recorded entirely in my home studio. 

Around that time the metal scene was very exciting with all upcoming doom/gothic bands. How did you discover that genre in addition to black metal and what can we see as favourite bands and/or influences? 
VALKUS: During my eight years break, I created another band (we played gothic metal), so later on, when I got back into Valkiria it was just natural to use those influences. Meanwhile I saw the gothic/doom scene growing up. At that time we certainly didn't realize what was happening as it just seemed normal that every day a new band would generate a new style of metal. Only now we can evaluate that period, as that massive development is now over. Don't get me wrong though! Metal continues to evolve and it would be a mistake to think that everything has already been done, but things go very slowly and that’s perhaps not so bad. Nowadays The real bad thing is that we can get too much music too easily, we are no longer able to assimilate all albums as in the past. This situation doesn’t help bands like ours, as we play a sort of music which is fully appreciable only after many spins. Anyone who really wants to get into this music should listen to it in perfect quiet at night. 

’Here The Day Comes’ appears to be your fifth album. All previous albums were self-released. How did you manage to distribute them and gather some fans? 
VALKUS: It was when I realized the potential of the internet, that I decided to re-form Valkiria. I've never been interested in having millions of fans, but I didn't want to remain completely anonymous either. I offered my records as free download and I used up all the platforms like MySpace, YouTube etc. The Internet has allowed me to reach a fair number of fans, who stimulate me to keep on making music. 

I think the band really started around 2005 with the release of ‘Epika’ debut album, isn’t it? Can you tell a bit more about the musical evolution of Valkiria on those four previous albums? 
VALKUS: I agree with you, ‘Epika’ has been a revelation also for us. Our style had reached a more personal level. We decided to slow down the drum machine and we focused much more on the harmonies of the guitars, which had become since then our trademark. After sharing ‘Epika’ on e-mule, it has been downloaded thousand of times, a very significant step forward if you consider that the previous works, were distributed in about 50 copies! 

Did you mainly work alone on those records or did you have a proper band from time to time? 
VALKUS: In all these years I did it all by myself, it has always been like that. The only difference now is that I had a great deal of help by Mike with the arrangements and by Giuseppe with a real proper drumming, instead of drum machine. I usually lock myself in a room in my house, with the necessary equipment to record. Also this time I recorded plenty of new material, much more than what would later end up on the cd. 

The current line-up exists since 2010. The presence of drummer/producer Giuseppe Orlando instantly caught my attention of course, being a Novembre fan. How and when did you meet him and how did he got involved in the band? 
VALKUS: Giuseppe is an old friend of Mike, so he proposed him to play drums on the new album and Giuseppe accepted. The only step left was booking his studio. He is a very talented drummer, no doubt he‘s the man we had been waiting for so long. 

The record was consequently recorded at Outer Sound Studios. Please tell us about your experiences of recording ‘Here The Day Comes’? 
VALKUS: After realizing the songs in a very advanced version, we went to Rome to record the drums, I was really anxious to hear Giuseppe playing the new songs. After a few hours necessary to upload the files on PC and set up the drum kit with microphones, we were ready to record, oddly Giuseppe started with ‘Sunrise’, (the second song on the album), it was simply amazing hear that great sound for the very first time, maybe that's the reason why I'm particularly excited with this song, it truly represents a new sunrise for Valkiria. 

Mike is the guitarist now. The guitar solos and sounds remind me a bit of Greg Mackintosh (Paradise Lost) and even Pink Floyd. So what is his background as musician? Did he only execute your ideas or is there any freedom of input? 
VALKUS: Mike played the rhythm guitars based on my demos. I've been listening to Paradise Lost and Pink Floyd very much, but I would say that Joe Satriani is one of my favourite guitarists, frankly I do not know anyone who has had more influence. 

Another eye-catcher is Jens Bogren who did the mastering. Please tell us how did you get in contact with him and what about this cooperation? 
VALKUS: We trusted mastering to Jens Bogren because is nowadays one of the best producer of metal in Europe. We just wrote an email to him and he was glad to collaborate with us. We had the intention to create a modern sound, but with a strong recalls to the groove of the 90‘s, so Jens’ mastering gave us the first and Giuseppe’s mixing, the second one. 

The album has an engrossing concept about going through a whole day. What is your favourite time of a 24 hour cycle? 

VALKUS: Every moment of this album’s day represents a period of life, then I would say the night because, I have not lived yet, and I hope it's better than what I had so far. 

You have shot a stunning beautiful video for ‘Sunrise’. Where was it shot and please tell us a bit more about the making of this video… 
VALKUS: It was Mike who came out with the idea of recording a video, I must admit I was not so enthusiast, because I thought that with a small budget it would have been very hard, but in the end he fortunately convinced me and the result was great, I think we did it better than other band with a larger budget. The video was recorded in two different locations along a river with a spectacular waterfall, It was summer but the water was very cold so the model suffered a little bit, and an ancient fort of the Second World War, which is unfortunately in a state of complete abandonment. Scenes with the band were shoot in a cave carved into the mountain. 

One of the personal features of the music is that vocals verge more to black than to death metal, quite original in the genre. Can you go a bit deeper into that matter? 
VALKUS: Singing was a necessity at first and then became a strength. I stopped singing in 2006 at the time of ‘Blood On Blood’ album, where I did some vocals. You cannot sing like that, if you don’t feel something inside. When I was writing riffs for ‘H.T.D.C.’ it was spontaneous to me starting to sing again, so I had no doubt I would be back behind a microphone. 

It is announced that the band will do as many gigs as possible for this record. What are the plans so far? 
VALKUS: We are working on this front, now people are aware that we do what we say, even if we need our time. I hope this will speed up, it took sixteen years to have a real drummer, as many will not have to elapse to see us live, it’s a promise! 

Finally you have a record deal, with Bakerteam. What are the expectations? 
VALKUS: During these years we never wanted a label but Bakerteam was different. Before signing the contract in fact we met several times, to better planning our collaboration, I think it's a privilege these days to have a serious label with whom we can relate personally. If we had signed with a bigger one we would be relegated among thousand bands on the catalogue, as often happens. Instead I have to say we're certainly pleased with their work so far. 

Once you have been involved with Ecnephias as well. Can you tell a bit more about this period? 

VALKUS: I collaborated on the first demo ‘November’, Mancan is a dear friend of mine (he was part of Valkiria for three years from 2006 to 2009). Specifically I added some guitars, although the bulk of the work was done by Mancan, then later I had to move up to northern Italy and I had no time anymore for Ecnephias. 

What are the plans for the near future with Valkiria? 
VALKUS: We live day by day, we aim to promote the best ‘HTDC’ and write other stuff for the next record. 

Valkiria: The Interview

The man behind Italian gothic doom two piece Valkiria, Valkus, has a vision for his music. With humble beginnings as a one man band, and rising to his current position over the course of a 15 year career, he has never been short on ideas or execution. He sits down to share his thoughts on their new album, "Here The Day Comes," the thought of life as one long day, and where the Italian metal scene may have gone wrong. Special thanks to Angelo at Scarlet/Bakerteam Records for setting this up.

First and foremost, we want to thank you for taking the time to answer some questions about your work.

VALKUS: Thank you for giving us this opportunity.

Your influences are very broad, including Katatonia and My Dying Bride. What is it about those bands, and others, that inspired you to create music, and what effect do you think they have had on your sound as it is today?

I started playing Black metal in the 90’s, the sound I used to play included melodic parts, then I started to slow down the rhythm of the songs. I am a big fan of the bands you mentioned, in a certain sense they influenced my style mostly at the beginning of the new millennium. It seems to me they lost their primordial gloom, even if they keep on doing good music, but the 90’s “doom feeling” is definitely gone. With H.T.D.C. I also wanted to resurrect those unforgettable sensations.

Your new album, "Here The Day Comes," breaks the day up into seven sections, each represented by a song. How did you come up with this concept?

VALKUS: I began to compose a long, unique song. After a lot of variations the song has been divided into the seven tracks you find on the cd. Therefore all songs are interconnected, so I came up with the idea any songs could represent a single moment of the day, a day that synthesize the entire life. If only we could perceive life just as one long day, everything would be easier.

The artwork for the album is a pure representation of that concept, with the sun rising over the trees. Where did the artwork come from, and who is responsible for the image itself?

VALKUS: Originally I created a cover by myself with a lot of images pasted together. I imagined a room in a cemetery with an old man and a young woman, but after all I wasn’t satisfied with the final result, so we decided to change it in a more impressive one. I found that picture on internet and I immediately felt in love with it, I just added a little photoshop “ice” layer on it. The photographer gave us the right to use the entire series of shoots, so you can find other amazing images like that inside the booklet.

Did you have specific ideas in mind for each stage, and how do you feel that each song fits the time that it was named for?

VALKUS: I used to take my guitar, I had in my mind the concept I wanted to represent, sometimes it was like entering in a sort of trance, my mind was completely separated from the rest of the world. That was all, I just knew every riffs would have created the perfect atmosphere of this strange day. The only exception is the entire beginning of dawn, I started writing it thinking consciously of a quiet introduction, somebody commented that the light break forth vigorously in the dark of night, but in my opinion the day promises to be just as gently as in my "dawn".

We often ask about the challenges for one man bands. I imagine there is a list of challenges and benefits for being a two piece, as well. What are some of the best, and worst, parts of being part of a metal duo?

VALKUS: I started as a one man band even though it was not my intention. I have always looked for capable musicians who could join the band, because I firmly believe that union is strength. So we are willing to add other permanent members in the band, because we believe that sometimes to be two is a limit. Obviously more thinking minds could mean possible disagreements, but I have now developed a foolproof method: in case of divergence I’m the boss, I decide and .. go to hell with democracy!

Traditionally, you haven't used the services of a live drummer for your music. What led to the decision to employ a drummer, and how did Novembre's Giuseppe Orlando come into the fold?

VALKUS: I always asked myself how Valkiria could play with a real drummer, so when Mike proposed to contact Giuseppe Orlando I just answered that it could be cool to have him with us. Giuseppe accepted, so the only step left was booking the studio. He is a very talented drummer, he gave each song a boost. We worked on the drums for one week, we had a drum machine demo, I realized as accurate as possible, so everything was very simple.

You are far from a new band, having been around for 15 years. How would you say labels, distribution outlets, and the pure "business" of music affected your work, from an artistic standpoint?

VALKUS: I've always been making music without thinking of the consequences (searching for a label, distribution, selling…), that’s the most important thing and the reason why, the previous works are downloadable for free on our official site. The opinion of people, whoever they are (fans, journalists or labels) doesn’t affect me very much. I am adamant about this, if I made music influenced by these pressures would be an extreme failure.

After enduring all of those trials and tribulations, all in the name of your music, how would you say the music industry has changed you as people over your career?

VALKUS: The music industry has changed a lot over the last fifteen years with the advent of Internet, that has played in our favour. We never had bonds so we didn’t tie with a label until last year. We kept up with the promotion evolution, since Internet has spread we caught the ball. In 2001 we created our official website, which was the first step to restart, after the stop that followed the first demo in the late nineties. So far internet was our only channel of promotion, and without internet we wouldn’t never get the will to publish and promote our music, cause the old system didn’t work for us.

From our work on the site, it would seem the Italian metal scene is extremely diverse, and growing by the day. Where do you think Valkiria fits into that picture, and how do you feel about the crop of new bands that are emerging?

VALKUS: You define Italian scene “diverse” I agree with you, in the sense that this diversity shows that speaking of German, French or Italian scene makes less sense nowadays. No nation has its own specific style in making Metal music anymore. Certainly the temptation to divide musical styles by geographic areas is strong, but it is a phenomenon that could have meant years ago. It seems that globalization has also taken place in the music and that’s good, the music has to break down the boundaries, not create new ones. Valkiria is a band that belongs to the world.

The new album is on the way, seeing a release through Bakerteam Records on April 16th. What comes next in the world of Valkiria?

VALKUS: The next step will be to complete the line up and play live. We are working on this, we understand how difficult these days are, promoters that don’t pay or even ask for money to the bands, poor organization, etc. ... If there is demand, all these problems will be cleared up, so everything is on fan’s hands.

Thank you again for the time, and your honesty. We appreciate your efforts. Looking forward to whatever comes next!

VALKUS: Thank you for your support!


Intervista Mondo Metal (07/12/2011)

- Salve ragazzi, benvenuti sulle pagine di Mondo Metal. Parlateci dei "Valkiria". Come e quando è nato questo progetto?
Valkus: Ho fondato Valkiria nel 1996, dopo un anno ho prodotto un primo demo, e poi c'è stato un periodo di fermo dovuto a vari fattori; nel 2004 ho dato nuovamente vita al progetto facendo uscire un secondo demo e l'anno successivo è stata la volta del primo full length "Epika". Nel 2006 Mancan è entrato a far parte della band, e da allora il nostro sound ha avuto una netta virata sul gothic metal, utilizzando spesso anche il cantato pulito, che poi è divenuto predominante con l'uscita di "Upon This Earth" del 2009, anno in cui lo stesso Mancan ha deciso di non far parte più dei Valkiria per concentrarsi sui suoi progetti musicali. Così sono tornato a occuparmi di nuovo delle parti vocali in occasione del nuovo album.
Mike: Sono entrato a far parte dei Valkiria nel 2010 come secondo chitarrista, in quanto Valkus aveva necessità di avere una seconda chitarra all'interno della band, poiché il nuovo disco aveva degli arrangiamenti che richiedevano due chitarre.
Essendo un fan della band accettai subito e iniziai insieme a Valkus il lavoro sul nuovo disco.

- I Valkiria hanno una ricca discografia, e nel 2012 è prevista l'uscita del nuovo full "Here the Day Comes". Osservando la tracklist, e in relazione al titolo, vengono scandite tutte le fasi del giorno. Potete anticiparci qualcosa su questo nuovo lavoro? Sarà un concept?
Valkus: Sì, non è il primo concept che realizziamo, anche se per "H.t.D.C." abbiamo maggiormente concatenato i vari pezzi del disco. L'idea è stata quella di rappresentare la vita con le fasi del giorno, un'alba per la nascita e una profonda e lunga notte per la vecchiaia. Così come siamo abituati a veder nascere e morire centinaia di giorni durante la nostra esistenza, così dovremmo considerare la nascita e la morte, nostra e di chi ci circonda, come un fenomeno naturale, una catena interminabile di questo gioco perverso che è la vita.

- Confrontando i vostri lavori, come vi vedete maturati in questi anni dal punto di vista del "songwriting"?
Valkus: Sicuramente con l'ultimo lavoro abbiamo affinato ulteriormente il nostro stile, credo proprio che per noi il tempo non sia passato invano. La composizione di "H.t.D.C." non è stata però spedita come per i precedenti lavori, e ha richiesto ben due anni di duro lavoro, in cui sono stati scritti una trentina di pezzi, ma solo sette di questi sono stati inseriri nel disco. Non una sola nota è stata lasciata al caso, abbiamo snellito le parti più prolisse e reso più fluidi gli arrangiamenti, in breve siamo stati molto più certosini che in passato: questo ha comportato sì un forte rallentamento in fase compositiva, ma al contempo ci ha permesso di dare maggiore risalto a tutte le armonie generate dalle nostre chitarre.
Mike: Inoltre abbiamo lavorato sulla pre-produzione del disco, in quanto, oltre al songwriting, abbiamo lavorato duro anche sulle sonorità degli strumenti, volevamo che il tutto suonasse al meglio, e questo ha rallentato ulteriormente il lavoro durante le registrazioni.
Abbiamo deciso di registrare il disco in tre studi appunto, come ho detto, per valorizzare il tutto: per batteria e mixaggio abbiamo optato per gli "Outer Sound Studio" a Roma con Giuseppe Orlando, il quale è nostro guest alla batteria; le chitarre, basso e voce sono stati registrati ai "Destroyed Studio", i miei studi personali; per la masterizzazione abbiamo deciso di contattare Jens Bogren presso i "Fascination Street Studios" in Svezia.

- Come prende vita un vostro pezzo? C'è un argomento, o uno stato d'animo in particolare a cui vi ispirate per i vostri testi?
Valkus: La nostra musica si basa essenzialmente su stati d'animo. Ormai ho imparato a riconoscere gli umori giusti per comporre un buon riff, purtroppo non sempre ho una chitarra tra le mani in quei momenti, ma ti assicuro che se succede posso stare anche otto ore di fila a comporre e scomporre un pezzo, senza percepire il benché minimo senso di stanchezza.

- Passiamo all'argomento "live": quanta importanza gli date rispetto allo "studio" e cosa deve aspettarsi da voi chi va a vedervi?
Valkus: Purtroppo nel corso di questi quindici anni non abbiamo mai suonato dal vivo, essenzialmente perché la line-up non è mai stata completa, ma adesso le cose si stanno mettendo al meglio e non è escluso che possiate vederci su un palco a breve.
Mike: Sì, infatti in questo periodo abbiamo reclutato Marco il quale suona con me anche negli Stigmhate come session al basso, invece per la batteria utilizzeremo sempre un session ma più avanti annunceremo il nome. Quindi ci vedrete presto live per supportare la nuova nostra fatica.

- Qual è la vostra opinione sull'underground metal italiano in generale, e di quello veneto in particolare?
Valkus: Sono stati fatti notevoli passi avanti, le band italiane sono senz'altro più competitive del passato. Il fatto però è che in giro per il mondo intero c'è ormai poca roba di valore, quindi avrei preferito che anche le nazioni che ci hanno sempre surclassato avessero continuato a migliorare. Il gap può dirsi colmato, ma a questo punto avrei preferito fosse come in passato, quando da Stati Uniti, Inghilterra e Scandinavia uscivano ancora dischi in grado di sconvolgere e creare nuovo Metal.
Mike: Guarda, come ha detto Valkus, in Italia ci sono moltissime band valide che secondo me sono anche meglio di band estere. Purtroppo noi siamo un paese dove non si investe sulle nuove realtà che emergono e non si dà quel merito a band che dopo tanti sacrifici riescono ad avere un prodotto elevato e professionale. Penso sia la mentalità italiana, ma ora vedo che alcune ma poche realtà iniziano a farlo. E speriamo bene, per il Veneto ci sono molte band interessanti ma farti il nome così è impossibile, spero solo che la scena metal italiana possa un giorno essere così forte da spaccare i culi all'estero.

- I Valkiria nascono in un periodo in cui Myspace, Facebook ancora non esistevano, e la stessa connessione internet in Italia non era sicuramente ancora a portata di tutti. Come è cambiato per voi il modo di creare e diffondere la vostra musica in questi anni? Cosa ne pensate della nascita di comunità, webzines, forum o altro che trattano dell'underground? Voi di quali canali vi servite per farvi conoscere dal pubblico?
Valkus: Non posso che essere felice del diffondersi di mezzi di comunicazione collegati a internet, se qualcuno ci conosce lo dobbiamo proprio ai vari Myspace & co. Anzi, considerando la crescente crisi delle riviste cartacee, internet diventerà sempre più il fulcro comunicativo e pubblicitario non solo per il Metal, ma per qualsiasi prodotto.
Mike: Diciamo che rispetto a 10 anni fa le cose son cambiate moltissimo, ci sono i pro e i contro con l'era di internet, adesso almeno a livello promozionale le band possono farsi conoscere attraverso i social network e avere tutti i contatti adeguati per promuovere il proprio lavoro ecc., anche se sono dell'idea che la migliore promozione che una band possa fare sia suonare live, un buon concerto è sempre meglio di un post ecc., le persone che ti vengono ad ascoltare hanno subito una visione totale della band.

- Di quale canzone famosa avresti voluto essere l'autore?
Valkus: Di solito mi capita di invidiare singoli riff, mai canzoni complete, e quindi sai quanti riff/arpeggi dei Metallica avrei voluto fossero stati targati Valkiria, senza considerare poi che avrei voluto essere il terzo chitarrista degli AC/DC...
Mike: Hehe, sarebbero troppe da menzionare, comunque mi aggrego a quanto detto da Valkus, AC/DC è una band che mi ha fatto conoscere l'hard rock e successivamente il metal.

- Ringraziandovi del tempo dedicatoci, lascio a voi la chiusura...
Valkus: Grazie per lo spazio dedicatoci, dico a tutti quelli che ci seguono di aspettarsi ancora tanto da noi e a chi ancora non ci conosce di rimediare al più presto!
Mike: E mi raccomando di comprare il cd appena esce!!!! Hehehe. Per tutte le informazioni potete visitare il nostro sito Inoltre voglio ringraziare Marcello per il suo supporto e lavoro. A presto...

Interview (10/04/2009)

Valkiria är ett melodiskt, atmosfäriskt metalband från Italien bestående av endast två personer, Valkiria (det instrumentala) och Mancan (the voice) som är i fullt jobb med nya skivan Upon this Earth så jag passade på och intervjuade mannen bakom all musik.

Varför namnet Valkiria?
VALKUS: Valet av ett bandnamn är alltid en komplicerad proscess därför att det kommer att anvädas för alltid. När projektet var helt i gång (våren 1997) och jag var på g med inspelningen av min första demo "The Narrow Bed", hade jag redan i tanken olika namn. Man behövde ett namn av ett ord, lätt att minnas och framför allt som speglade musiken. Då var min stil mycket mer aggressiv än idag. Kankse namnet Valkiria idag är mindre passande när låtarna har minskat i tempot, men jag ville ha namnet kvar ändå, det tillhör min historia. Jag har bara bytt namnets logga, en sak som är väldigt vanligt för band att göra, men jag gjorde det mest för att loggan var inte så lättläst innan.

Hur skulle du beskriva musiken?

VALKUS: I en syntetisk form skulle jag nog beskriva vår musik som Mörk atmösfärisk Metal, men många definerar den med andra termer som till ex. Dark Epic eller helt enkelt Gothic Metal. Om man ska vara mer analytisk så är det mycket melodiska riff på punkterande rytmer med användnig av både growl och rena röster.

När kommer den nya skivan ut? Finns det ett bestämt tema i musiken?

VALKUS: Två månader sedan har vi lanserat på vår site nya promoskivan "Upon this Earth" med fyra låtar för fri nedladdning. Snart kommer det ut det kompletta albumet.Om det blir nio eller tio låtar har vi inte bestämt oss än.
Inför Upon this earth har vi inte avänts av ett bestämt tema till skillnad från alla tidigare plattor och det beror på att låtarna har gjorts i olika faser och med många månaders tid emellan. Att inte jobba med ett och samma tema ger möjligheten att ej använda låtarna som blir mindre bra utan att själva innebörden i skivan förstörs. Jag kan redan uttala att ett annat album utöver Upeon This Earth är på g och det kommer att följa ett tema.

Italien är inte så känt för ett land där metal är stor. Är det svårt då att sprida er musik?
VALKUS: Ja, tyvärr det är verkligen få metalband som har lyckats blir framgångsrika i Italien. Att tillhöra ett land som har en stark rockprofil ger mer möjligheter med musikstudior som engagerar sig mer åt speciella genrer och en mer utökat evenemangsutbud för att kunna visa sig.

Har ni andra projekt utöver Valkiria?
VALKUS: Under några år i början av milleniet har jag bara engagerat mig på 41Chains, en egen darkgothic projekt, men idag all min energi lägger jag på Valkiria. Mancan är mer rastlös än jag! Han har Ecnephias och andra projekt vid sidan om.

Lyckas ni försörjar er med musiken?
Om vi kunde det så! jobbar som vanliga dödliga med vanliga jobb, men vi klagar inte. Vi spelar inte med huvudtaget syfte att tjäna pengar.

Vilka svenska band gillar ni?
VALKUS: Det svenska metalutbudet är verkligen stort. Det finns många band som jag gillar men Katatonia har gett mig mycket inspiration, men likväl Octover Tide , Opeth och Draconian är välidigt bra band!

Lyssna på ValkiriA

Intervju och text / Viktoria Colonna



INTERVIEW Bewitched Magazine 20/03/2009

When and why did you founded VALKIRIA and what have you released so far?

VALKUS: I founded Valkiria in 1996, at the beginning I started to search for other guys to complete the line up, but one year later I decided to play by my self all the instruments. It's not easy to meet people who completely share my music taste and my music life style, someone who consider music the most important thing and wants to put it first anything else. Anyway i n 2006 Mancan joined Valkiria so it's not a one man band anymore. As far as our music production is concerned, early works Black Paternoster and Thur kuarankharn sthorn have many black metal's influences, not to say that I don't like this music-style anymore, but from epika out in 2005 I gradually changed the approach. someone says that we have now become a gothic band, and this may be true in some respects, certainly this is an adjective which cannot fully describe what we are playing .

2) Your music sounds very extreme where comes your inspiration from?

VALKUS: I don't really know where my inspiration comes from, it just comes out and guides me, I perceive the moment I've got to take my guitar and start writing some good riffs, it's just natural. My music may sound very extreme, maybe because it's unique. I work hard on it, I have a home studio recording, and some basic equipment, this way I can obtain an original sound. Many bands have a better and cleaner recording than Valkiria but to me they sound like any other one, they have no raw or personality. I could define my sound digital analogic-converted.

3) Do you think gothic metal has to be evil?

VALKUS: I never linked gothic metal with evil. I think evil is everywhere, it could be even in a gothic metal song, it depends on the author and much more on the listeners, I write about good and evil like forces who lead this world. Evil is also a good subject who can attract the media's attention, putting together death - black sound and an aggressive look. It's different in a gothic song, evil always ends up to be considered in a more romantic way.

4) Whats up with italian gothic metal scene?

VALKUS: Italy has not a gothic metal scene, besides Lacuna Coil, located in Milan , there are some good bands in Rome area, but their sound is very different from mine. It looks like that they still can't express their potential , hope for a brighter future.

5) What are your plans for the next release?

VALKUS: Now I'm working on mixing my last album “Upon this earth”. that is downlodable through our site in a promo version with only four songs. At the same time we are working on writing of our next album. At the moment I can't say how it will sound, we have several beautiful riffs but no complete song yet.

6) Do you support violence and war?

VALKUS: Violence and war are stupid things, I never would support them in any expression and I think that also most people involved in band who declaim their malevolence are not serious, they just show their rage and hardship through their work. The only war I conceive is against negative things like religion, superstition, idolatry and closed mind people a sort of war which doesn't contemplate violence in the strict sense.

7) What is the meaning of your name VALKIRIA? Why did you chosed it?

VALKUS: When I was younger I played pc game called “Scacco” (original english name "Archon") a sort of chess pc game playable where figures once came in contact fight individual battles. valkirias were one of the strongest characters. so this name fascinated me and I choose it also cause is easy to remember.

8) Do you support any order or organisation?

VALKUS: No I'm not a member of any organization. I spend most of my time playing my guitar or sometimes I just relax. I don't like any kind of political or religious activity, and above all I don't trust any kind of organization.

9) What can you aspect of VALKIRIA in the future? Perhaps some live shows?

VALKUS: I don't have any plans for my future and my band. I hope I will affect many other cd and that my music will keep giving energy .

10) Have you a real job, or do live of your music?

VALKUS: I couldn't live of my music, cause I don't have any profit out of it, My music is freely downlodable. I don't sell any cd or t-shirt and I have no gigs. Not to be judgmental, but I think musicians who choose music as a job is under a negative pressure, being obsessed by necessity of getting money cause they have not a secure income. C ould be very deleterious for the songwriting and for the band's stability.

11) last words?

VALKUS: Thanks for your attention.



1)When did Valkiria first start out, Who formed the band?

VALKUS: I started playing Black metal in a band in my own town called Obscure Devotion, after few months I quit that band 'cause of a different sound attitude, so in september 1996 I created Valkiria's project. I didn't choose to be a one man band, I just realized, at that time, I would never found some good musician with the same music feelings. In October 1997 I produced the first demo tape titled "The narrow bed" with the help of Walter Basile who programmed the drum (through an Amiga 500), during the recording Cabal (Obscure Devotion) joined us to record the backing vocals. In one day (over 12 continuous hours) we recorded all the 4 songs in a studio located in Pompei. At the end of recording, I was very satisfied with what I created, even if The narrow bed didn't get much success.

2)How many demos/promos releases have Valkiria released?

VALKUS: After "The narrow bed" was out, I kept busy composing riffs on riffs, so I had many songs ready to be recorded, but I tended to procrastinate the recordings of the new work 'cause I was waiting for the right chance…so I just recorded all songs on an old tape recorder. It took me eight years to take the time to listen to it again, that way I created "Thur kuarankharn sthorn" in 2004. Something happened in my mind, 'cause in the follow three years, I recorded three new albums. In 2005 Epika with Quirino at the keyboards, in 2006 Blood on blood, Mancan was the new singer, and in 2007 "Of dreams and pain" with Mancan and Cabal again with us at the vocals.

3)Who are the members of Valkiria and what do they do in the band?

VALKUS: In this moment the band is: Valkiria instruments and voice, Mancan voice, Omar Stevan drums.

4)Any members involved in previous bands?

Mancan is the leader founder of Ecnephias and Omar play drums with Azathoth.

5)Any side projects on the go?

VALKUS: From 2000 to 2003 I exclusive play in a dark-gothic project called 41Chains, under this monicker I recorded three albums: "Deads everywhere" 2001, "Deathlove" 2002, "To shrink into oneself" 2003. WE have a my space

6)Where are Valkiria based?

VALKUS: I live in Vicenza in the north east of Italy , Omar live in a small town not far from here, and Mancan live in Potenza my hometown, in Lucania south Italy .

7) Who writes the music and, what influences this?

VALKUS: Our style has changed during our career, so it easy to perceive the difference between the first cd and the most recent one, every album is always a step forward. I'm the one who writes the music and the lyrics, I get many influences especially from bands like early Katatonia, Anathema, Paradise Lost, October Tide. I've tried over these years to personalize the sound, I think that Valkiria even not being so original, has become well known by most of our fans, since our style is recognizable among any other metal bands.

8)Who writes the lyrics, what influences this?

VALKUS: In my lyrics I talk about different things, so in Thur kuarankharn sthorn and Epika, I talked about Mharvelle that's a fantastic world created by my fantasy. In "blood on blood" and "Of dreams and pain", I talked about life, sorrow and death…

9) Is there any other influences that Valkiria have?

VALKUS: Every album I wrote was influenced by different elements, first of all my life experience, even if I try to escape from reality when I write my songs… I usually feel when I'm inspired to write some good material, so I immediately put my guitar jack into my Pc, once I've obtained the first lead riff, I build around it the rest of the song. I've recorded many tracks this way, but most of the times I have a hard time choosing what to keep and what to put aside.

10)What style or styles of music would Valkiria best describe their music?

VALKUS: Most people say Valkiria is a gothic metal band. I think any musician wouldn't like to be described by a simple adjective which would appear to be reductive, but it's not a problem to me. It seems like everybody needs a definition for any kind of band, anyway, I see my music as something like… Dark Atmospheric Metal.

11)Name 3 bands Valkiria would be honoured to tour or play live with?

VALKUS: First of all Katatonia : 'cause as I've already said they are a great inspiration to me, Ac/dc: 'cause they are no doubt my favourite band ever, and why not Iron Maiden cause I think they are the most important metal band.

12)What is the proudest moment in your careers so far?

VALKUS: So far we didn't live memorable events. We just play to live in a better way than the other people who don't have this ability. I feel I'm lucky for this and if you consider my life style, because I refuse every special moment, either negative or positive! This could be the reason why, I never searched for the proudest moment, that moment which could break the balance.

13) What would be the best thing that could happen to Valkiria right now?

VALKUS: A famous producer could use one of our songs in any kind of movie, it would be awesome…obviously according to what I've just said, I'm supposed to refuse the offer … ahah.

14)Do Valkiria get much external help, if so in what way?

We have no labels, no manager, no such things, we only promote our band in the internet, and at the moment it seems to work!

15)Any plans in the pipeline, such as new recordings and or playing live for example?
VALKUS: We're working on a new album, most probably it will be named: Upon this earth; as far as the composing part is concerned, we are almost done. Pretty soon Omar will get into the studio to record the drums on the 10 tracks that I will choose among those we already have. It will be out on September 2008. This album is on a more mature level compared to the previous ones, even though is not too far from those as far as the sound is concerned. Last but not least there will be a real drummer not the computer as we used to have. 

16)Is there anything Valkiria would like to say to there fans?
VALKUS: Keep up to support us!



Alone music (20/06/2008)

Dopo aver recensito il suo ultimo full-lenght del 2007 " Of dreams and pain", ValkiriA si è gentilmente prestato a rispondere ad alcune delle nostre domande…
Benvenuto e grazie per la tua disponibilità. A dodici anni dalla formazione di questo tuo progetto come si è evoluta la tua musica? Ci parli delle origini ?

VALKUS: Beh si effettivamente saranno 12 anni a settembre di quest'anno, non dirò che sembra ieri quando ho iniziato, perché non è vero, questi anni li ho sentiti uno ad uno…Difficoltà ce ne sono state e fin troppe, per fortuna l'energia e la voglia di fare mi hanno permesso di superare anche i momenti più neri. Il tutto è iniziato quando un giorno di fine estate composi l'ennesimo riff che ai componenti del gruppo in cui al momento militavo (Obscure Devotion), non andava a genio…basta era la goccia che faceva traboccare il vaso, dissi seduta stante che avrei lasciato la band e ne avrei costituita un'altra. In realtà non trovando altri validi e motivati musicisti, iniziai a rassegnarmi all'idea di rimanere da solo. Cominciai ad esercitarmi su una malconcia batteria che avevo in prestito nel mio garage, tuttavia abbandonai quasi subito l'idea di dover registrare da me anche questo strumento. Dopo un anno avevo i quattro pezzi che poi costituirono il primo demo "The narrow bed", contattai Walter Basile che allora militava come batterista nei "Black Sunrise" si dimostrò inizialmente molto favorevole a partecipare alle registrazioni, poi dovetti essere, diciamo più convincente per superare la sua crescente ritrosia. La velocità delle canzoni certo non lo invogliava, così arrivammo alla conclusione che la batteria sarebbe stata elettronica, in realtà a me l'idea non convinceva molto, ma feci di necessità virtù, visto che in tutta la regione non c'erano altri batteristi a cui interessava suonare Black metal o meglio che erano in grado di farlo in maniera soddisfacente. In un paio di giorni la batteria era programmata, in una seduta estenuante in studio registrati basso e chitarre. Ne seguirono una serie di recensioni, nonché una serie di proposte di partecipazioni alle classiche compilation a condizione del pagamento di lauti compensi, dissi no grazie e mi misi a lavorare ad i nuovi pezzi, li registrai su un vecchio nastro aspettando di raccimolare un po' di soldi per la registrazione ed un nuovo batterista. L'attesa durò otto anni e alla fine anche per il secondo demo "Thur Kuarankharn Sthorn" la scelta ricadde sulla batteria campionata, solo che questa volta feci tutto io. Anche per questo lavoro non ci furono sconvolgimenti se non delle ottime recensioni. L'anno successivo fu la volta di "Epika" il primo full-lenght, ormai non si poteva più parlare di Valkiria come un gruppo Black Metal, in quanto sempre più forti erano le influenze gothic,in un certo senso fu un punto di svolta. Rimasi senza un contratto e non mi interessai a cercarlo così come non mi interessai a mandarlo in giro a giornali e zine, tuttavia lo condivisi su e-mule, in poco tempo la gente incominciò a scaricarlo in massa, ad oggi ci stiamo avvicinando ai 10.000 download! Lo stesso dicasi per i successivi "Blood on blood" nonché per "Of dreams and pain". Una bella rivincita nei riguardi di tutte le miopi etichette che continuano a produrre tanti gruppi per lo più mediocri, spillando a quei malcapitati un sacco di quattrini.

Hai tre full-lenght e due demo alle spalle… Quale di questi ti fa rivivere, risentendolo a tutt'oggi, le stesse sensazioni ed emozioni che provavi quando le hai composte allora?
VALKUS: Beh le sensazioni che provo ascoltando la mia musica sono sempre tante e di difficile descrizione, si a volte sono un mezzo per rituffarmi nel passato, ma il più delle volte sono nuove e vivono come attuali. Di sicuro non mi capita di rimanere indifferente, questo mai, mi domando sempre cosa accadrebbe se riuscissi a trasferire all'ascoltatore almeno 1/10 delle sensazioni che provo io...

Nel tuo ultimo album " Of dreams and pain" il tema principale è quello di "sognare", il sogno come angolo di salvezza per l'uomo… Qual'è la tua visione della vita?
VALKUS: Il concetto della vita quale sogno mi alletta, del resto se ci fai caso buona parte della nostra esistenza si svolge in questo stato, inizio a temere che il sogno a cui faccio riferimento non sia da intendere come desiderio di felicità, il mio sogno è uno stato di torpore, immobilità, incapacità a comprendere tutte le "sfumature" della vita. Una limitazione della mente, ciò che alcuni tendono a raggiungere con l'uso di droghe, ma non un generico stordimento, qualcosa che solo le menti più allenate al cinismo possono ottenere…tutto scorrerà intorno a sé anche il dolore, ma non avrà effetto…

Al tuo progetto ti affiancano Mancan alla voce (attualmente vocals anche negli Ecnephias ) e Omar alla batteria… non hai mai pensato di cercare componenti per costituire una vera e propria band? Cosa ti spinge a rimanere con questa line-up?
VALKUS: Allo stato attuale ho ciò di cui ho bisogno, in futuro potrebbero sorgere nuove esigenze e potrei aver bisogno di membri stabili o con delle caratteristihe diverse, ma quello è il futuro e non posso conoscerlo, lascerò come al solito che tutto divenga naturalmente, senza forzature, su questo argomento sono molto fatalista, credo molto in quello che faccio, guardandomi molto bene dall'esaltazione che colpisce molti musicisti anche più ignoti di me...

Un bel ricordo dei ValkiriA…
VALKUS: Momenti particolarmente esaltanti non ne vivo non mi interessano, ciò vale tanto per la mia vita personale che per quella da musicista, non mi piacciono gli eccessi, se dovessi essere famoso mi disgusterebbe, certo lo stato attuale non mi soddisfa, ma è nella natura umana, mi sforzo di migliorare, ma francamente ignoro la direzione in cui rivolgere le mie forze…ogni giornata che passa è un traguardo raggiunto, che senso avrebbe passare giornate felici…avrei poi solo il rammarico di dover abbandonare questa esistenza, l'impressione di avere qualcosa da perdere…no preferisco la noia…

Qualche news fresca fresca per i lettori di Alone Music?

VALKUS: Abbiamo appena terminato le sessioni relative alla batteria, abbiamo purtroppo avuto poco tempo in studio, il buon Jean della Abnegat non ha potuto dedicarci più di un giorno e quindi, è possibile che ci ritorneremo per correggere alcune imperfezioni, non mi esprimo ancora sul risultato visto che ancora non ho riascoltato le incisioni e manca ovviamente tutto il lavoro di equalizzazione e missaggio, tuttavia sono ottimista, visto che più di qualche volta, i miei capelli hanno ruotato intorno alla mia testa in sala mixer, mentre Omar nell'altra stanza registrava, segno che già i suoni di batteria in origine sono buoni e si amalgamano bene al resto degli strumenti.

Grazie per aver risposto pazientemente alle nostre domande! Libero di terminare l'intervista come meglio ritieni…

VALKUS:Grazie a te per lo spazio dedicatoci. Potete scaricare tutti i dischi tanto dal mio sito tanto da e-mule e mi raccomando non limitatevi ad un solo ascolto...

01-06-2008 |by Nordic Valkyrja


The metalfortress 2005

Capita molto raramente di scovare in italia band che si ispirino ai grandi Maestri dell' Epic Metal legato al mondo scandinavo, Soprattutto nel Sud. E' stata quindi una sorpresa poter ascoltare possenti dosi di Epicità venire dai Valkiria, One Man Band di Potenza che ha tutta l'aria del gruppo dai toni apocalittici. Proviamo a conoscerlo meglio.

1. Hail, Vuoi parlarci di come nasce il progetto "Valkiria"? Come mai questo nome? Vuoi svelare qualcosa in più di quanto traspare dal tuo sito?

VALKUS: Ho avuto i miei primi approcci col mondo Black metal quando all'inizio del 1996 mi è stato chiesto di entrare a far parte degli Obscure Devotion dopo qualche mese ho deciso di mettermi in proprio per avere piena libertà e dare libero sfogo a quello che erano i miei turbamenti psichici tradotti in musica.

2. Nella Recensione ho fatto notare diversi gruppi che mi è parso riconoscere tra i più presenti sul secondo lavoro, tra cui c'erano Bathory , Graveland , Primordial . Sbaglio? Quali sono le tue reali influenze? e le fonti d'ispirazione?

VALKUS: Dei gruppi citati ti sembrerà strano conosco solo Bathory e non ho certo la sua intera discografia. I gruppi che hanno segnato realmente una svolta per me sono gli Emperor di "In the nightside..." , Immortal , Rotting Christ e Katatonia.

3. Che lingua è usata in "Thur kuarankharn sthorn" ? Come mai questa scelta? Di quali temi tratta l'album?

VALKUS: La lingua usata l'ho creata io cimentandomi con la scrittura di un libro fantasy che fa da ambientazione ad un gioco sempre di mia creazione. I temi trattati sono quindi di natura fantasy anche se i viaggi, le battaglie, i tradimenti che accadono a Mharvelle sono tutti imperniati a mettere in evidenza la natura malsana del genere umano e la scarsa considerazione che gli uomini stessi hanno di loro, non esistono i classici elfi nani o menate ipergalattiche, è fantasy solo perché in questo mondo diviene chiaro il messaggio che da soli, quindi contrappposti l'uno all'altro siamo merda, insieme siamo quel Dio che cerchiamo e che non esiste se non già in piccola parte in ognuno di noi.

4. Sentendo le 15 tracce si denota una profonda evoluzione. A cosa è dovuta? come si passa dal Black Metal ad un sound decisamente più "morbido" delle ultime tracce?
VALKUS: La volontà era quella di unire in "Epika" , il prossimo album, i miei due proggetti Valkiria e 41Chains , quindi influssi certamente più melodici, idonei a descrivere la parte finale del libro dove finalmente gli uomini smettono di combattere abbattendo tutti i templi in onore alle diverse divinità che li avevano contrapposti.

5. "Valkiria" rimane uno studio project o ha un'attività Live?
VALKUS: Non ho mai suonato dal vivo, ma non è escluso che un giorno non cambi idea, chissà...

6. Qual'è la tua preparazione tecnica? Suoni davvero tutti gli strumenti? Sbaglio o la batteria sul primo demo è una drum machine?
VALKUS: In "Thur kuarankharn sthorn" ho suonato tutti gli strumenti ed ho programmato anche la batteria e visto che il sospetto che fosse una drum machine ti è venuto solo per "The narrow bed" desumo lo abbia fatto bene, in quell'occasione mi sono valso di un collaboratore visto la mia poca dimistichezza all'epoca col computer.

7. Progetti Futuri? (contratti discografici, Nuovi demo, concerti, ecc..)
VALKUS: Per il momento sto curando al massimo i nuovi brani, mi farò aiutare da un tastierista ed un cantante e registrerò in qualche studio costoso tempo e soldi permettendo. Rigetto l'idea di finire sotto contratto con una pseudo etichetta discografica, finché non arriveranno proposte serie continuerò ad occuparmi io di tutto!

8. Lascio a te la chiusura, Grazie ancora e A Presto!
VALKUS: Semplicemente invito chiunque voglia a contattarmi per avere gratis una copia di "Thur kuarankharn sthorn" prima che abbandoni questo mondo...

articolo di: Guardian! (28/05/2005)

Valkiria è il nome di una nuova realtà che va ad inserirsi nella multiforme e tumultuosa scena metal italiana. ha intervistato per voi i ragazzi del gruppo: sentiamo come la pensano!!!

[MW] Visto che siete alla prima intervista in questo sito, perché non presentate ai nostri lettori quando ed in che modo avete iniziato il vostro percorso nel mondo underground?

VALKUS: La nascita del progetto Valkiria risale al 1996 anno in cui da solo decisi di dar sfogo alla mia creatività in ambito musicale dopo una serie di esperienze in vari gruppi della mia città. In quel periodo registrai il primo demo "The narrow bed" e a distanza di otto anni "Thur kuarankharn sthorn".

<MW> Da quali generi e bands è influenzato il gruppo?

VALKUS: Il genere suonato è Il Black metal, influenzato da gruppi come Emperor, Immortal, Rotting Christ, Ulver e Katatonia nelle parti melodiche.

<MW> So che potrebbe non essere facile farlo, ma potreste commentare il vostro ultimo lavoro?

VALKUS: Thur kuarankharn sthorn nasce dall'idea di creare una colonna sonora ad una libro fantasy che sto scrivendo e che fa da ambientazione ad un gioco sempre da me creato, potrebbe essere fantasy black metal l'etichetta che gli si potrebbe dare, ma per piacere non pensate ai Bal Sagoth di Battle magic, siete lontani anni luce!

<MW> La scena metal underground è indubbiamente inflazionata da tantissmi gruppi, per cui (spesso) risulta necessario presentare delle composizioni che si facciano notare nel marasma delle varie scene musicali. Ritenete che le vostre canzoni abbiano da dire qualcosa in più o di diverso da quello che è già stato detto nell'affollatissimo mondo metal?

VALKUS: A mio parere si, se per qualcosa in più si intende un minimo di originalità. Pur non rivoluzionando il mondo metal ritengo che i miei brani si distinguino innanzitutto l'uno dall'altro nonché da quelli di qualsiasi altro gruppo in circolazione.

<MW> Cosa pensate del panorama underground nazionale?

VALKUS: Ho avuto modo tramite una serie di scambi di entrare in possesso di molti demo, e devo dire che di gruppi interessanti ce ne sono anche se nessuno di loro ha qualcosa di veramente speciale per poter sfondare.

<MW> La carriera di un gruppo musicale (pur breve che possa essere) è sempre costellata di avvenimenti più o meno positivi.
Cosa vorreste cancellare e cosa ricorderete per sempre della vostra esperienza di gruppo, dagli inizi inizi sino ad ora?

VALKUS: Non cancellerei niente perché anche le brutte esperienze soprattutto se non se ne sentono più gli effetti hanno una loro utilità (questo vale per ogni cosa), e ricorderò sempre con piacere il primo riff creato col nome Valkiria!!!

<MW> Come giudicate il veicolo "Internet" per la promozione della scena musicale?

VALKUS: E' il mezzo più potente che si possa usare, avessi avuto la possibilità di creare prima il mio sito lo avrei fatto anche se prima del 2001(anno di creazione) forse non era ancora così importante.

<MW> Visto che ne stiamo parlando.... quanti CD originali acquistate ogni mese? E quanti ne ascoltate?

VALKUS: Lo so che non dovrei dirlo, ma di dischi originali ne ho ben pochi, Tolta la discografia degli AC/DC possono contarsi. Va bene l'importante è ascoltarla e suonarla la musica. Del resto io la mia la regalo (mp3 scaricabili, dischi spediti gratis a chi ne fa richiesta) non vedo perché gli altri dovrebbero lamentarsi...

<MW> Cosa vuole fare il vostro gruppo "da grande"?

Di certo non diventare particolarmente famoso, mi darebbe fastidio, ma quanto meno aumentare sensibilmente il numero dei miei fan decisamente scarsini...

<MW> Ok, ragazzi! Lo spazio a nostra disposizione sta per terminare, ma voglio lasciarvi carta bianca per l'ultimo messaggio.
A voi la parola, siete liberi di esprimervi!

Se vi piace la mia musica (scaricatevela dal sito) contattatemi, non ve ne pentirete...