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CDs just arrived.For those of you who pre-ordered, thank you for your patience, for anyone else who would like one, please click here. The release, via Gsproductions, is limited to 100 copies




Written on monday, 19 september 2016


"Dehanrast" in Top 20 Albums of 2015!

Dehanrast is at n.12 of the "Sorrow eternal" list of the best releases of the year 2015. View the whole list clicking here.

Side projects and solo albums tend to occupy a different space then the main band, for better or worse. But when Valkus, half of Italian doom duo Valkiria, sent out to make an album by himself, he found a safe space all his own. One part black metal, and two parts melodic sensibility, Dehanrast quickly became an album that would eat up a large proportionate chunk of our rotation. It speaks to you, without a single word. And it says more than we can even attempt to, about Valkus, his talents, and how personal music can be.


Written on thursday, 24 nov 2015

"Dehanrast" full lenght

It's now available for free DOWNLOAD.


Written on wednesday, 23 nov 2015

"If A Person Is Ill That Doesn't Mean Beyond Help?" compilation.

Label GS Productions releases compilation against cancer

The Moscow label GS Productions announced for October, 20 release of two-disk compilation against a cancer in the CD format. It received the name "If A Person Is Ill That Doesn't Mean Beyond Help?" The event was attended by bands from 15 countries, representing different styles of metal and not only. For example, the Finnish NEST plays atmospheric folk and a leading role in its music is assigned to a kantele - the national stringed instrument.

Each participant presented an exclusive track in this collection, on the physical media not published earlier. The exception is made by GODS TOWER from Belarus. Their track "Liudzi Na Balocie" ("People In The Swamp") came out in 2013 on one of the eight vinyl boxset "Raven Tales".

This compilation has not been ignored and veterans - the German heavy metal band MP (known domestic listener like METAL PRIESTS), Danish project BANNED AID, where the singer is Dave Ingram (former frontman BENEDICTION, BOLT THROWER and DOWNLORD, and now sings in DOWN AMON THE DEAD MEN), and NIGHTMARE COUNCIL - a new band of Don Gates, former guitarist of the iconic Floridian death metallers BRUTALITY.

The artwork created by Italian artist Roberto Mura, who is also the vocalist of the black metal and funeral doom bands LOCUS MORTIS, URNA and APHONIC THRENODY.

CD 1

01. ANTONIO ORTIZ (Bolivia) "Mensaje Cancer. LaPaz" 01:00
02. DEPRESSIVE MODE (Turkey) "Just One Blink Of An Eye" 09:10
03. DREAMS AFTER DEATH (Hungary) "The Dying Man's Dream" 15:20
04. MINIMORUM (Azerbaijan) "Resign From Life" 06:28
05. SEPULTUS EST (Peru) "Un Dia Lluvioso Al Otro Lado De La Muerte" 13:25
06. UNTIL MY FUNERAL BEGAN (Ukraine) "καρκίνος" 04:20
07. INTO THE STORM (France) "No Man's Land" 05:51
08. WIND OF SORROW (Russia) "Trail Of Tears" 3:24

CD 2

01. RED RIVER HOG (Russia) "Waiting Here For You" 05:32
02. IMBARU (Chile) "Sucesión" 03:04
03. NAGAARUM (Hungary) "Fight With My Brain (Enter Into Cheryl's Feeling)"
04. ENDIMION (Chile) "Rage" 05:42
05. BANNED AID (Denmark) "We Aren't The World" 02:00
06. INADRAN (Italy) "Dehanrast" 04:14
07. NEST (Finland) "Vaarat" 05:50
08. MOURNING SUN (Chile) "Vena Cava" 08:15
09. MP (METAL PRIESTS, Germany) "Lonelydancer" 05:19
10. NIGHTMARE COUNCIL (USA) "Karma's Manifesto" 07:13
11. GODS TOWER (Belarus) "Liudzi Na Balocie" 07:16
12. LACHRIMA CORPHUS DISSOLVENS (Bolivia) "11-10-09" (Live) 08:25

"This disease is somehow affected each of our family: whether they are friends or relatives, and even worse, if the parents" - says the publishing label.

Cancer today remains a poorly studied problem. Despite the existence of many effective treatments, continuous research and development of new medicinal substances, classical medicine cannot guarantee in any case of illness one hundred percent recovery and absence of recurrences. Some forms of cancer, in principle, not amenable to treatment, they may only relieve symptoms and prolong the patient's life.


Written on sunday, 04 october 2015

news inadran


Valkus has now finished mastering "Dehanrast" a promo album which will be sent to a limited number of web zines as a first step. Inadran is basically a project destined to remain in the underground, so no copy will be sent to any label, since there is no intention to sign any record deal, in any case if some serious label was interested feel free to contact us and we will evaluate proposals.


Written on sunday, 24 may 2015

logo inadran


Even logo has its importance to define a musical project. After trying various solutions Valkus brought out the coolest logo of the world.


Written on friday, 6 February 2014

The birth of Inadran

Christmas typically brings new gifts and under the tree, this Christmas has come completely unexpected a new project. It was during the Christmas holidays, always characterized by that special atmosphere, that came out the inspiration to compose new songs. Something different from Valkiria, which had to be developed independently, and so Inadran was born.


Written on Wednesday, 24 december 2014