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CDs just arrived.For those of you who pre-ordered, thank you for your patience, for anyone else who would like one, click here. The release, via Gsproductions, is limited to 100 copies




Written on monday, 19 september 2016


you are my guiding star, I am a falling star

One year after the rebirth of 41chains we are proud to present our first full length, 41 minutes of music that come directly from our deep. Gestation was longer than expected, exceeded an initial phase of strong inspiration the work risked running aground, but obviously we have been stronger than any adverse current. The album is currently freely downloadable following this link.




Written on saturday, 09 aptil 2016



After a break lasting 12 years, it is time to restart 41Chains. This side project was created at the dawn of the new millennium and placed on standby after just three years, in which were released three demos. As is often the desire and the power to meddle with the memories and situations that we believe belong to the past finally happened unexpectedly. Tac! something is kindled in mind and some arpeggios composed long ago and never fully developed, afloat by the meanders of a hard disk. The result is a record full of clean guitars and ambient sounds, something that probably will communicate a sense of bleak loneliness mixed with peace and relaxation

Written on saturday, 09 february 2015...